Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What about me

Sometimes the silence seems so loud,
Everywhere I turn I see this dark cloud,
& It's doesn't seem to go away,
It just gets heavier by the day,
Waiting for it to burst,
& When I think it's better, it's actually worse,
Not sure what to do anymore,
Been trying for a long time to open that door,
There's nothing worth living for,
My tears have turned into showers overnight,
I only want darkness I don't need light,
My mind's going astray,
Pushing everyone I care about away,
People think it's easy being me,
Single with no responsibility,
But I too have wants & needs,
& I'd also love to succeed,
But everytime I do,
I end up emotional & feeling blue,
Sometimes when I ly in bed,
I think it's better if I were dead,
Looking at my arm,
How I can do myself harm,
Maybe jump out of a train,
But I don't wanna damage my brain,
Or with my luck I'd come to life again,
What can I do?
I know I can alwayz depend on u,
But is that enough for me,
Is this end of Nicky Da Poet Bailey,
U just have to wait & see...