Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Goodbye to my friendz at Edcon RCO Cape Town

This poem is dedicated to my ex-colleagues at Edcon Financial Services Cape Town,
I still can't believe the office has closed down,
Ever since the other day,
I've been struggling to find the right words to say,
I hope & Pray,
That you'll be ok,
Becoz none of u deserved to be treated that way,
Especially becoz I know most of u,
Some for months & others for years,
We've shared in laughter & in tears,
Been through heartache & pain,
Especially when the Executives came,
With their ideas that were lame,
Like the new system & all,
And that damn 9 step call,
That caused so much pain,
So glad I don't have to be “Disappointed” again,
Or that aircon that was alwayz so cold,
Or complaining & hearing the same excuses being told,
Like the cockroaches walking where everyone could see,
Some even found in the coffee & tea,
Even though times at Edcon were a bit bad,
But I'll never forget the fun that we had,
Like laughing at those dumb customers who don't wanna pay,
To the funny things we hear our colleagues say,
Not forgetting the KFC, Steers & McDonalds we ate on Pay Day,
Lol, we love to eat,
And also move out feet,
When we hear a lekker beat,
Do u remember the 4-7 Edcon song,
How we all sang along,
Together we felt so strong,
I also miss those Ra-Ra's we had during EMT,
Those were great moments for me,
But now its all gone,
But those memories still live on,
So wherever u might be,
Know that you're more than just colleagues to me,
You're like family,
& I'm gonna miss each & everyone,
Thank u for making my life at Edcon so fun.
Goodbye for now,
Remember things will workout somehow,
But until then,
Take care of yourself my friend...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Edcon RCO Cape Town Retrenchments

Edcon's always been considered as 1 of the best,
But lately it seems they're failing the test,
And RCO Cape Town's being affected more than the rest,
Now there's nothing wrong with the company name,
Its the executives who are to blame,
For a long time we've suspected something was going on,
But they kept saying nothing was wrong,
We should've seen it coming when Steve Ross stepped down,
Like fools we stuck around,
Thinking everything would be just fine,
But it got worst over time,
I remember those 2 days when we had no power,
The Perms forced to sit outside for all those hours,
Ppt's were sent home,
But the hours had to be worked back on their own,
Our complaints were sent through,
But the executives said there was nothing they could do,
Problems after problems came our way,
But there was nothing we could do or say,
Our complaints fell on deaf ears,
And now after working at Edcon for many years,
We hear its time to say cheers,
Some of our hearts are broken in 2,
Because we don't know what to do,
Our families depending on our income,
Student loans & debts for some,
Work is already so scarce out there,
But it seems the Executives of Edcon don't care,
Why else are there rumors about retrenchment in the air?
Please consider the staff when making this decision,
I'm sure u can make some other type of provision...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nicky Da Poet: Edcon Stores - A must read for shoppers

Nicky Da Poet: Edcon Stores - A must read for shoppers: This blog is not intended to bad-mouth the company. I felt its time that the public knows what's going on at 1 of the biggest retailers....

Edcon Stores - A must read for shoppers

This blog is not intended to bad-mouth the company. I felt its time that the public knows what's going on at 1 of the biggest retailers. But why wait until now to release this blog? I no longer work for the company & therefore I cannot be targeted for airing my views.

Edcon claims they're the consumer of choice but are they really. How many times have u stepped into an Edcon store & found there was no one to assist u & not to mention the long ques. If u walk into a Woolworths you'd alwayz find a staff member on the floor & there are enough cashiers. Not Edcon & yet the customers blame the store staff, when they should actually be blaming the senior management. Store staff can only do so much & they get all their instructions from Senior management. Even the budget gets controlled by them. So if there aren't enough staff on the floor, customers can't blame the staff at store level. There simply isn't a budget to hire any more staff.

A few months ago I was at Edgars Canal Walk & there was a long que at the Service Centre, only 3 cashiers. The customers started getting frustrated. I almost walked out but I needed the item. There was a guy who called the store while standing in the que & demanded the store manager to come downstairs to him. I could see by the look on her face she was scared. That customer was so rude to her but what could she do. She had to take the abuse.
I was also at CNA, there was 1 cashier, 1 person helping a customer at Kodak. Then this lady came in with her friend & she asked the cashier who can help in gift wrapping. The cashier called to the back but there was no response. The customer looked upset but still found the item she wanted. When she got to the till, the cashier didn't have change & that frustrated the customer even more. The customer told her friend that's why she doesn't shop at Edcon stores because there's no service. She then went on to saying that Edgars is the worst becoz there aren't any cashiers in such a big store. At that stage I felt I wanted to tell the customer to stop complaining to the staff, that she must call head office but it wasn't my duty. So I just left it.
Even shopping at Jet is the worst. There's never staff on the floor & the rails are so high. Yes, there's a hook for the customers but what if they get hurt. The rails are so close together, what happened to 1 meter spacing. Mr. Price's stock's also so high but at least they have staff on the floor to assist their customers. Even there ques are long but they open all the tills. Really now, Edcon needs to get their act together. They're slowly losing their status as “Consumer of choice.”

That's why I salute the retail staff at Edcon coz they really have a tough time at stores level. They deal with the customers face to face so they can't hide their emotions.

So what can we as the customers do?
Stop complaining to the staff member & start complaining at the Head Office. Sometimes I wish I had senior management's contact details. So that customers can speak to them directly & take out their frustrations on them. In fact, senior management should work at the stores for 1 week & then they'd know how the staff feel. Maybe dealing with the customers face to face would give them a better understanding & also help them when making decisions. That's just my opinion.

Whether u agree with my blog or not its all up to u. Plz feel free to comment, as it'll be greatly appreciated.

Goodbye Edcon

It pains me to see what's been happening in this company,
Especially at RCO Cpt,
That was like a 2nd home to me,
But now I don't feel that way anymore,
My salary was the only thing I was working for,
But now that I've decided to walk out the door,
I wonder if its the right decision I'm making,
Its such a big risk that I'm taking,
But now I realize that I've made the right choice,
At Edcon it was hard to have a voice,
Managers targetting u if u do,
I know some of u think that's not true,
But I've kept quiet for far too long,
And don't get me wrong,
There's nothing wrong with the company name,
Its Senior Management who are to blame,
Eversince Steve Ross left things at Edcon haven't been the same,
And they say change is for the best,
But I feel like we're failing the test,
And it just makes us more & more stressed,
Also the PIPPL values Edcon's starting to lose,
And the LIPP values is what they've decided to choose,
Coz the People's value is gone,
And that's the value that made Edcon strong,
And that's 1 of the reasons I decided to move on,
That's also why some of my ex-colleagues/friendz have gone away,
If only there was away we could make them stay,
But its too late,
And at Edcon that's an ongoing debate,
Even absentism is another big issue on their plate,
But there's reason my colleagues staying away,
If only things could be like back in the day,
When our customers felt welcome when they entered an Edcon store,
When there were staff on the floor,
When customers where helped at the till in 4 minutes or less,
When the staff was rewarded for doing their best,
Those days when colleagues became family,
A memory that will always stay with me,
But now I don't know anymore,
I hate shopping at an Edcon store,
Clothes laying on the floor,
2 cashiers with a que of 10 customers or more,
The bosses are complaining the sales are low,
Maybe they should let the staff levels at store grow,
Instead of retrenchments & allowing good staff to go,
Becoz I've worked at Edcon for 10 years,
I've shared in laughter & in tears,
Good times & bad,
I'll always remember the times that we had,
But now that my journey has come to an end,
And I have to say goodbye to u my colleague & friend,
I just wanna leave with 1 suggestion if I may,
Maybe the bosses should change places with the staff for a day,
Maybe then they'd see things from our point of view,
Maybe then they'll think twice before making us do things we don't wanna do,
But that's now enough from me,
Goodbye Edcon from Nicky Da Poet Bailey...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What about me

Sometimes the silence seems so loud,
Everywhere I turn I see this dark cloud,
& It's doesn't seem to go away,
It just gets heavier by the day,
Waiting for it to burst,
& When I think it's better, it's actually worse,
Not sure what to do anymore,
Been trying for a long time to open that door,
There's nothing worth living for,
My tears have turned into showers overnight,
I only want darkness I don't need light,
My mind's going astray,
Pushing everyone I care about away,
People think it's easy being me,
Single with no responsibility,
But I too have wants & needs,
& I'd also love to succeed,
But everytime I do,
I end up emotional & feeling blue,
Sometimes when I ly in bed,
I think it's better if I were dead,
Looking at my arm,
How I can do myself harm,
Maybe jump out of a train,
But I don't wanna damage my brain,
Or with my luck I'd come to life again,
What can I do?
I know I can alwayz depend on u,
But is that enough for me,
Is this end of Nicky Da Poet Bailey,
U just have to wait & see...