Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodbye My Dream Lover

I think about u night & day,
Sometimes I wish u'd come running my way,
But that could never come true,
Becoz u don't love me the way I love u,
I know u care about me,
But friendz is all u want us to be,
That's why my decision wasn't so easy,
Coz u inspire me to continue writing my poetry,
& Now that I'm falling for u,
There's only 1 thing I can do,
& That's to just stay away,
U can see I stopped sending u msgs since the other day,
I want u to forget about me,
But alwayz remember my poetry,
Coz some of it was inspire by u,
My dream lover that can never come true...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Congrats Springboks

Excitement echoed as another try was scored,
87 - 0 was the final result on the scoreboard,
People screaming & cheering,
& Congratulations bokke was what we were hearing,
As our hopes & dreams were kept alive,
As Namibia struggled to survive,
There was no doubt in our minds what our boys can do,
That's why we're so proud of u,
Backing u all the way,
Coz the Springboks are here to stay,
The other countries better watch what they say,
Coz our boys know how to play,
& 2011 is our year,
So come on South Africa lets scream & cheer,
& Wear our supporters gear,
& Show our support,
For this great sport,
This sport that unites our nation,
As we join in the celebration.
That the Springboks will be crowned the best of best,
As they'll triumph over the rest,
Springboks we're behind u everystep of the way,
Now lets bring the trophy home to SA!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Year Anniversary of 9/11

10 years ago today,
The biggest tragedy hit the USA,
2 planes crashed into the World Trade Centre,
Killing thousands who entered,
Fathers & Mothers,
Sisters & Brothers,
Daughters & Sons,
& Other loved ones,
Bodies laying everywhere,
Osama Bin Laden just didn't care,
For days they searched for people still alive,
Hoping that everyone would survive,
Less than 3000 people died that day,
What a tragedy for the USA,
Over & over they played the crashes on our tv screens,
It was like we all were having the same terrible dreams,
Eventhough it happened overseas,
It affected many countries,
Nations standing together,
Trying to rebuild a memory that would last forever,
That is why we salute the brave men & women who risked their lives,
To find those still alive,
Even to those who helped by donating money, time & saying a Prayer,
U might not of been there,
But it shows how much u really care,
Then to the people who survived this tragedy,
We know it wasn't easy,
But u managed to make it through,
& For that we salute u,
So as I start to cry,
I remember those who had to die,
Those we never got a chance to say goodbye to,
We'll alwayz remember u,
& To the families & friends u left behind,
They'll alwayz be in our hearts & on our minds,
We love & miss u,
& We salute u too,
I know you're watching down on us from heaven,
As we remember the 10 year anniversary of 9/11,
GOD Bless u USA,
As the world remembers what happened today...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jamali's Poem

In 2003,
This group came to be,
Entering a competition that they never won,
But they didn't care coz they had fun,
That was all they needed to follow their dreams,
Now they're popping up on our tv screens,
Singing songs from days gone by,
Writing songs that make us cry,
Now the new album in off the chain,
It's no wonder they're still in the game,
Coz they've been around for the longest time,
& I know they're gonna continue to shine,
Coz the other "Girl-bands" can't compare,
Infact they're not even there,
So plz put your hands in the air,
For these amazing 3,
Coz they're Proudly Mzanzi,
Yes I'm talking about Jamali,
The hottest group in the industry,
So ladies keep doing what u do,
& Remember SA salutes u..

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Celebrity Pain

Everyone has a celebrity that they look up to,
& My celebrity was u,
I tried my best to make u notice me,
I wrote u poetry,
Gave u free publicity,
& What did u go & do,
I still can't believe it's true,
The worse part is I looked up to u,
All I ever wanted was a simply reply,
Even if u just said hi,
Maybe answer a fanmail or 2,
Is that so hard to do,
Sum fans can't wait,
Don't tell me u have alot on your plate,
So plz answer them before it's too late,
Coz we're the reason behind your fame,
Just imagine no 1 knew your name,
You'd just be another player in the game,
Or no 1 bought your cd,
You'd be a nobody,
Just imagine no 1 watched your show,
Or bothered to turn on their radio,
Your fanbase wouldn't grow,
& Your boss would tell u to go,
& What would u being doing right now if it wasn't for the fortune & fame,
Just a normal person struggling in life's game,
Some would probably 6 feet underground,
From the violence & drugs going around,
Sometimes fame doesn't alwayz last long,
Always remember where u came from,
Don't forget about the people who cried with u,
When people in the industry hurt u,
The emotions u went thru,
They feel it too,
Especially the kids who wanna be just like u,
Try to help them where u can,
Coz sumtimes they might not understand,
& U might lose that fan,
Sumtimes u might wonder why our kids stop believing,
Maybe u should answer some of your fanmail you're receiving,
I know sometimes it's alot to get thru,
But how hard can it be to answer 1 or 2,
Remember they're the reason everyone knows u,
So if you're famous in whatever industry,
& U consider yourself to be a celebrity,
Then I urge u to hear my plea,
Alwayz thank your fans when u can,
If u see them take their hand,
Coz it's sad when u lose a fan,
Just ask Eminem who's "Stan..."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm doing just fine

The hardest thing was letting u go,
Coz I still love u so,
I really thought our love could grow,
I guess I was wrong,
That's why I'm singing this song,
"I'm doing just fine,"
I'm glad I left u behind,
Coz I'm better than I've ever been,
I'm living out my dream,
All this time I thought u cared,
Do u even remember the moments we shared,
U know what forget I said,
I don't want u messing with my head,
I've cried enough over u,
So keep doing what u do,
Coz u & I are thru,
I don't ever wanna see your face,
So plz give me my space,
ps. I know I've said this before,
But this time I'm sure,
Besides I saw u already replaced me with somebody new,
So everything of the best to u 2,
I've got my pride & honour,
In the words of Madonna,
Coz "She's not me,
& She never will be..."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Celebrity's Poem

A celebrity's just an ordinary person like u & me,
Except they're well-known becoz of their industry,
They try so hard to stay in the game,
U think becoz everyone knows their name,
They won't get the blame,
Celebs also go through heart-ache & pain,
Some just hide it so well,
That u won't be able to tell,
Like I said they're just like u & me,
Except with more money,
But they also have problems in their family,
It's just that they don't want people to see,
But when the fans do,
Then rumours spread which sometimes aint true,
So take it from me,
If you're a fan of a certain celebrity,
Even if they get publicity,
Be it good or bad,
Alwayz remember them for the good times they had,
Coz we all make mistakes,
But when celebs do they raise the steaks,
They also cry at night,
Some also end up holding their pillows tight,
& Celebs aren't alwayz right,
So rather let them be,
Coz a friend once said to me,
"I might be a public figure but I'm NOT public property,"
Which really change my mind,
& To me that was a sign,
That celebs are sometimes used & abused,
& That's why some people think some of the celebs are confused,
But I've learnt everyone has issues,
& U should respect their views,
Coz u don't know their pressure unless u walked in their shoes,
So to Genevieve Howard who said that line,
I wanna thank u for changing my mind,
May your star continue to shine...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Niece's Email

I read the saddest email today,
So sad that I didn't know what to say,
Everyone heard that the world would come to an end,
But we're all still here my friend,
But that hoax upset a member of my family,
A member that's very dear to me,
& She's only 9 yrs old,
Telling me about her life's story that still has to be told,
Like celebrating her crown birthday next year,
Or her sister's 1st birthday which is so near,
When I read it I felt a tear,
It actually made me think a bit more,
What I'm really on this earth for,
What GOD has instore,
& I realised that I've got so much still to do,
& Still wanna spend my time with u,
I can't believe what he said,
Maybe he's the 1 who should be dead,
2nd time he's said the same thing,
& What did it bring him,
Yes, everybody know's his name,
But he shouldn't consider it to be fame,
Coz he sounds insane,
& He should just quit coz his bad at this prediction game,
Maybe he should work towards world peace,
I still can't believe he upset my niece,
So to my niece u know who u are,
It's a pity u live so far,
But I want u to know you're my shining star,
& That I love & miss u,
& The rest of my family in Australia too,
Even to my family & friendz in SA,
I'm glad u came my way,
& That's what I thank GOD for everyday...

Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of the World

They say the end of the world is near,
I don't believe everything I hear,
So plz don't live your last moments in fear,
Infact if this fact is true,
Then I wanna start off by apologizing to u,
I'm sorry for the things I said,
Sometimes my mouth's faster than my head,
To my family thanx for allowing me to hang around u,
I know it was sometimes hard to do,
But I want u to know I'll alwayz love u,
& I'm greatful to each member of my family,
Coz GOD has truly Blessed me,
Then to my friendz of which I have a few,
I'm so glad to have awesum friendz like u,
You're the people I'll never forget,
Then there's a few things I regret,
Like the love of my life I never met,
I'm sure I would've been a great wife,
If only you'd been apart of my life,
There's so many things I could've done,
I regret not meeting my unborn daughter or son,
I wish I could've had children even if it's only one,
But my ultimate regret,
Is that I never became famous yet,
All I wanted to be was a famous poet,
But my talent I've yet to show it,
I never got the chance to grow it,
As it might be the end of the world as we know it,
So if the world should end today,
Then I want u to know that I'm greatful u all came my way,
I wish we could all stay,
But this is how it's suppose to be,
Lotsa love from me...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Hidden Pain

Everybody seems to know my name,
But do they know me beyond the fame,
Coz this is my life & not a game,
& Right now I'm going through so much pain,
But u really can't tell,
Becoz I hide it so well,
If really knew what's going on with me,
U'd give me sympathy,
But I don't want that from u,
I just want someone to talk to,
Someone to call my very own,
Someone who can't wait for me to come home,
But it looks like I'm destined to spend my life all alone,
Coz I had quite a few relationships in the past,
But they didn't last,
It's so hard for me to trust anyone,
Becoz of what my previous boyfriends have done,
Coz now I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me,
That I can't have my own family,
What did I do to deserve this pain?
Will I ever find true love again?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from SA

I always knew I'd make it through,
Becoz I was raised by a great mom like u,
The only problem is that I miss the things we used to do,
I remember the things u used to say,
I miss giving u a hug & kiss everyday,
I know the reasons why u went away,
So I won't asking u to stay,
It's just that over time it gets hard for me to get by,
Yes I do cry,
Coz it's not easy living without your mother,
Especially when u have a mom who's like no other,
She's more precious than any stone,
Coz without my mom my house isn't a home,
I miss seeing u face to face,
I miss u invading my space,
Yes technology has improved over the years,
But the fact remains you're not here to wipe my tears,
I miss hanging out with u at the mall,
U know I get excited when I get your call,
Just hearing your voice on the other line,
Even if it is only for a short moment in time,
What I'm trying to say,
Is that you're special in everyway,
& That I wish I could spoil u today,
But I know it's not possible now,
& I know things will work out somehow,
Mom thanx for giving birth to me,
I hope you're proud of the woman I turned out to be,
I love & miss now & forever,
Virtual hugs & kisses until the day we can be together...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Unborn Child

When I first heard the news,
I felt a bit confused,
I didn't know how to tell anyone,
Too shy to let people know what I've done,
But I knew I couldn't hide it for too long,
I had to be strong,
So I told everybody what's been going on,
Everyone was excited for me,
Especially my bf's family,
I thought everything was fine,
Until I started getting those cramps of mine,
I was rushed to the hospital,
Where I was told everything's critical,
But I knew something wasn't right,
I started holding my tummy tight,
My tears rolled down my cheek,
As the doctor began to speak,
I remember I started feeling weak,
Everyone tried to comfort me,
But all I wanted was my baby,
Now how am I suppose to carry on,
When I almost became a mom,
& Now my baby's heartbeat is gone,
Why is this happening to me,
I was so looking forward to starting my own family,
For 3 months he/she was growing inside of me,
But it just wasn't meant to be,
So here I'm just lying on my bed,
Thinking about what the doctor said,
Coz I still can't believe my unborn child's dead,
So as the world carries on with it's daily routine,
I think about my life & what it could've been,
& My baby I've never seen...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Uninvited Guest

They said u can choose your friendz but not your family,
But now I can see,
Who really cares about me,
Day in & day out I follow the same routine,
Hoping I could find the guy of my dream,
But that doesn't come true,
Then I wish I had someone to talk to,
Someone who will be there for me,
Someone who's not in my family,
Someone whom I can call a friend,
Who'll stand by me till the very end,
But still that doesn't come true,
Now what must I do,
I have all these friendz on my fb wall,
But there's only a few who call,
Those are the ones who lives so far away,
Whom I wish I could see everyday,
But the ones who live close by,
Won't even say hi,
They won't even invite u to a braai,
& I end up asking myself why,
What's so wrong with me,
Don't people like my personality,
Or am I just losing my mind,
All I'm asking is for a few hours of your time,
I'm only 1,
Just to get out & have sum fun,
I have a car too,
So I can drive to u,
So plz think about me,
The next time u have a party,
Even if u go to a club or bar,
It doesn't matter who u are,
I just need a social life real bad,
Coz I can't depend on the "Friendz" I had,
Coz lately they're making me feel sad,
Going to parties here & there,
Without an invite to share,
& The next day they'd ask me why I didn't come through,
What am I suppose to do,
I've been waiting for an invite from u...

My Hunger Pains

My hunger pains are unbearable to bare,
There's not enough food for my family to share,
As I'm the eldest child in the family,
I decide not to take any bread for me,
Sometimes it's hard for me to make it through,
But it's something I need to do,
Becoz if I don't provide for my family,
Then the world would be empty with just me,
U see I'm the eldest in a family of 3,
Living in a 3rd world country,
With no rooms or a tv,
Infact we're a family of 14 sharing a one bedroom shack,
We sleep back to back,
& No we don't sleep on a bed,
We sleep on the floor instead,
School isn't an option for me,
Coz I need to support my family,
Standing in a long line,
Hoping I'd get there just in time,
Coz sometimes there so many peaople there,
That there's not enough food parcels to share,
& That's what happened today,
So here I am ready to Pray,
Waiting for a miracle to come my way,
Hoping someone would feed me & my family,
As well as other people in my country,
So plz hear my plea,
& Help Feed the Hungry...

Plz Forgive Me

I alwayz told u I'd never hurt u,
But everytime I do,
I don't know what's wrong with me,
It's not like I do it intensionally,
Maybe that's the reason u & I could never be,
Sorry doesn't work anymore,
I don't even know what I'm saying it for,
Baby plz don't close the door,
Let me in just one last time,
But then I go & commit another crime,
Am I losing my mind,
Maybe I shouldn't say anything,
Coz that's where the problems begin,
& U alwayz tend to win,
Coz I'm alwayz at fault,
Sometimes I wonder if I'm an adult,
So baby what I'm trying to say,
Is that I'm sorry for the way I treated u today,
& That I really want u to stay,
& Next time I'd watch what I say,
Coz I don't know what I'd do,
If I was to ever lose u...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Freedom Day

On the 27th April 1994,
We South Africans opened a door,
A door that we never thought we'd find,
& As we walked through we left our memories behind,
Memories of heartache & pain,
But we knew South Africa would never be the same,
People standing in ques 1 behind the other,
Forgetting about race & skin colour,
As people started to cast their vote,
They realised that they were all in the same boat,
Not sure who to vote for,
As they had never experienced an election before,
Thinking about what the new government had instore,
A few weeks later the votes came in,
& A new South Africa was about to begin,
As the ANC won the election campaign,
We knew our country would never be the same,
Now with Nelson Mandela as father of this nation,
We knew that we'd never have to live in race seperation,
That's why every year it's a celebration,
A celebration which is apart of our history,
27th April 1994 when South Africa became a democracy...

My Casting Role

I thought I was strong,
But I guess I was wrong,
Coz when I saw u today,
I felt like running away,
Running far away where no one knows my name,
Where I can be alone to ease my pain,
& To think it wasn't that long ago,
When u were the star of my life's show,
How could I let u go?
I still don't know,
Seeing her with u,
Makes me think of the things we used to do,
I thought I was your boo,
& That your love for me was true,
I was ready to be apart of your life,
U even asked me to be your wife,
Now you're acting all strange,
Saying I'm the one who changed,
Well that aint true,
Coz I still think about u,
Think about what we could've been,
If she hadn't entered the scene,
Well it's too late to turn back the hands of time now,
So go on & take a bow,
Coz my life will work out some how,
Becoz I'm a star in everyway,
& Soon the right leading man will come my way...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lonely Me

Lately I've been feeling down & out,
Trying to figure out what my life's all about,
Sitting night & after night,
Clutching my pillow tight,
Crying by moonlight,
Just so that nobody can see my tears,
& It's been going on for years,
All I want is to find that perfect guy,
But instead I sit & wonder why,
Why I get all the unemployed guys asking my name,
& Their pick-up lines are so lame,
When am I gonna play this love game,
Now I know that I'm Blessed,
But I still feel depressed,
Coz every weekend it's the same for me,
Relaxing infront of the tv,
Now I love my family,
But they can't be there all the time,
I need to find a man to call mine,
He doesn't have to be fine,
All he has to do is love me for me,
Also have a J.O.B,
But then again love is blind as u can see,
Maybe it's meant that I shouldn't be falling,
Maybe being single is my calling,
That's why I'll rather just sit here all alone,
Watching tv & staying at home...

Monday, April 18, 2011

The end of my chapter

Screams coming from inside the house,
Quietly I lay like a mouse,
Tears rolling from my eyes,
Can anybody hear my silent cries?
The door slams closed as I hear him go,
What's happening in the room next door I don't really know,
As I open the door,
I see my mother lying on the bedroom floor,
It's not like I haven't seen that sight before,
I try to help her to her feet,
She looks helpless & weak,
Her face badly beaten making it hard for her to speak,
& Then she says "Everything's gonna be ok,"
I hear that line almost everyday,
I sometimes wish he'd just go away,
But she alwayz begs him to stay,
It's not fair,
Are u telling me that's a way to show u care?
I might be young but I'm not naive,
There's certain things I won't believe,
Like my mom saying it's so hard to leave,
& That he's gonna change,
When's that when there's nothing left on my mom's face to re-arrange,
Anger builds up inside of me,
My siblings are too young to see the reality,
I feel I need to protect my family,
Waiting for him to come home,
I sit & wait up all alone,
Suddenly I hear his car in the drive-way,
So nervous about what I'm gonna do today,
As he tries to beat my mother yet again,
I start to become insane,
Watching & hearing her pain,
Beating her without any rest,
I take the knife & stab him in the chest,
Dead he lies on the floor,
He won't be able to hurt my mother anymore,
Well as for me,
It's only 5 yrs till I can leave juvie,
& I'm not sorry for what I've done,
Infact I'm hoping my story would inspire people in years to come..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forever Lonely

Everyone seems to know my name,
But yet my social life's so lame,
Every weekend for me is the same,
& I only have myself to blame,
Every weekend I sit all alone,
Playing with my cellphone,
Wishing someone would call me,
Maybe invite me to a party,
But that wish doesn't come true,
I really wish there was something I could do,
These lonely nights are starting to get to me,
Now u might say what about my family,
Well they're great,
But 3's not great on a date,
I feel so left out,
I feel as if I wanna scream & shout,
Coz no one knows what I'm going through,
& It's about time that I tell u,
Now I don't want your sympathy,
I just want u to know the real me,
Coz all I really have is my poetry,
But becoz I've been feeling so depressed,
I forgot that I'm Blessed,
So I almost threw my Blessings away,
But now I'm glad my poetry's here to stay,
& I don't care what people say,
Eventhough I've been hurt so many times,
By people who ignore me after I've sent them rhymes,
It's fine by me,
Coz this is whom I'm destined to be,
Living all alone,
Writing my poems on my phone,
With no friendz by side,
Thinking about the times I was taken for a ride,
How I lost my dignity & pride,
Remembering the nights that I've cried,
Coz one day I'm gonna make it in this industry,
Then I'll have lotsa friendz with me,
But how long will that be,
Or am I destined to be forever lonely...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The end of an era

My pillow soaking wet from all the tears,
Tears that I've cried throughout the years,
Tears of pain & sorrow,
Coz I thought I could be predict tomorrow,
I had everything worked out,
Now I just wanna scream & shout,
Coz writing poetry's what I'm all about,
But nobody notices me,
Actually nobody that works in the industry,
I've sent quite a few of my poems through,
From newspapers to competitions too,
Even to a few radio stations,
I've even wrote them their very own creations,
But still they don't get back to me,
Am I so bad at writing poetry,
How long does it take to say thank u to a fan,
Now I can relate to Eminem's song "Stan,"
Coz there's many people who say my poems are great,
& That I should just be patient & wait,
But for how long,
Coz as this point I don't think I can carry on,
I know my faith should be strong,
But I feel GOD has forgotten about me,
It feels like I'm trapped in a stormy sea,
& There's no way to break free,
Some people say GOD will open a door,
But my heart feels broken & sore,
Sometimes I wonder what I'm living for,
Coz I've tried so hard to best that I can be,
& I've continued to write my poetry,
But now I've come to the end of my page,
& All I feel is anger & rage,
Coz my dreams never came true,
So there's only 1 thing left to do,
& That's put away my pen,
Only GOD knows till when,
So goodbye poetry my 1 & only friend,
ps. I'll alwayz keep your name,
As a reminder of my contributions to the poetry game...

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Addiction

My hands trembling as I ly awake,
Not knowing how much more I can take,
Coz my life's 1 big mistake,
Problems tend to follow me,
Looking for a way to break free,
With no money in my hand,
On the street corners is where I stand,
Up to my usual tricks,
Just so that I can get my daily fix,
My nose bleeding as I ly on the floor,
It's not as bad as the night before,
My body yearns for more,
Trying so hard to get high,
So I start giving different drugs a try,
Now I truly believe I can fly
Seeing things that I should not see,
Seeing my dead relatives talking to me,
But the moment doesn't last very long,
Coz I find myself singing the same old song,
Over & over again,
Trying to ease my pain,
While the drugs start affecting my brain,
I think that's what caused me to go insane,
Now here I am losing my mind,
Coz I need my fix just 1 last time,
But they won't let me go,
My speech is slow,
As my addiction starts to grow,
I'm so confused that I'm going in circles all the time,
Finding it so hard to write my rhyme,
But soon I'll be fine,
As soon as the itching goes away,
Maybe then I can go out to play,
Coz I need a fix real bad,
3 Days ago was the last time I had,
So plz help me with a rand or 2,
So that I can get through,
Plz people I'm begging u,
I need your help now more than ever,
Coz drugs & I will alwayz be together,
So don't even bother to waste your time on me,
Coz I was born to be a junkie...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Poem About GHFM Part 1

This poem is dedicated to the best radio station,
For over 40yrs they've been entertaining this nation,
With listeners young & old,
Who's on-air presenters voices are worth more than gold,
Like Guy Macdonald aka Macky D,
Now his new slot doesn't suit me,
Coz now I can only listen for an hour to those 3,
I wish things could go back to the way they used to be,
But at least I can still listen to Carl Waistie on Saturdays between 12-3,
When he entertains the teens in his own special way,
Parents sometimes not understanding what he's trying to say,
But the teens understand so that's ok,
Now Tracey she's a character of note,
Her laugh is no joke,
Damn can she lol,
A laugh that makes her parents proud,
Now Que bace,
He's the reason they're in this place,
Doing all the work behind the scene,
We should thank him for organizing the team,
So tune into them at their new time,
Weekdays between 6 & 9,
Next we have Nigel Pierce,
Who's tongue is extremely fierce,
I miss hearing his sexy voice,
Coz he was CT's breakfast host of choice,
Now that he's gone,
I feel as if I can't go on,
My day feels so long,
Coz he & his old breakfast crew gave me the strength to be strong,
Now plz don't get me wrong,
I'm not saying I don't like the new breakfast show,
It's just so hard for me to let go,
I still don't understand why Nigel was moved to a different show,
Coz once u listened to King Nigel,
There's no other way of survival,
ps. Don't even compare him to his rival,
Infact lets not even go there,
Coz we still have Sandra on the air,
She's alwayz been on Nigel's side,
Now I call her Nigel's on-air bride,
So tune in to those 2,
Coz they know how to entertain u,
In their own special way,
Only between 9 & 12 midday,
Next up we have Ayanda T,
Now she's the best as u can see,
Do things in her own unique way,
With the things she has to say,
& With Vania on her side,
U know you're in for an awesome ride,
Not forgetting the sports guy,
U haven't heard great sports if u haven't given Brandon a try,
So join Ayanda, Vania & Brandon B,
For the best option between 12 & 3,
Then we have my new favourite show,
I must admit I was sad to see Guy go,
But I like listening to SeanO,
& All the games he's playing,
Sometimes I don't understand what Nic is saying,
But it's great to play along,
Shame poor Eugene alwayz gets the answer wrong,
But then again he knows his sport,
We also have Maxine, Kevin or Lyndon doing the traffic report,
Now the news is read by Leigh-Anne,
Now she alwayz has plan,
& Whatever SeanO can do,
She'll find a way to make it through,
So tune into the show that I'm sure was sent from Heaven,
Weekdays between 3 & 7,
Next up we have Ready D,
Now he's the no.1 dj in the Mother City,
Coz his mixes are so unique,
So if you're looking for a party in the week,
Tune in to the Ready D Show,
That's between 7 & 10 for those of u who didn't know,
Now for those of u who didn't like going to school,
Ebrahiem Inglis makes it cool,
Playing games throughout the night,
& It doesn't matter if u don't get it right,
Coz this teacher won't give a detention,
As long as u listen & pay attention,
So tune in between 10 & 2,
To Ebrahiem Inglis the only teacher who knows how to teach u,

A Poem About GHFM Part 2

Now on Fridaynights the line up starts to change,
Don't worry the djs aren't that strange,
Ok maybe I'm wrong about TP,
Coz he's a bit strange to me,
Playing mixing all night through,
Like only Tyrone Paulsen knows how to do,
So tune between 7 & 10 on a fridaynight,
& Between 6 & 10 on a Saturdaynight,
To the only dj who knows how to make u start your weekend off right,
Then we have the chick with energy & spunk,
Mixi on the Night Funk,
Continuing with the awesum dance beats,
Mixing it up as u prepare to hit the streets,
With the best djs on the wheels of steal,
& On Sunday mornings Mixi keeps it real,
Counting down the 40 biggest hits in the UK,
In her own unique way,
So tune in Fridays between 10 & 2,
& On Sundays between 9 & 12 as she counts down the UK top 40 for me & u,
Now the party doesn't end just there,
Coz on a Friday TK wants u to throw your hands up in the air,
Coz The After Party's where it's at,
So tune in between 2 & 6 coz this gal is phat,
That's P.H.A.T,
Next up we have Stephanie Bee,
Now she's the best weekend breakfast dj in the Mother City,
Telling us things we never knew,
So unbelievable but oh so true,
Asking us questions on her fb wall,
& U can even give your opinion by giving her call,
So catch her weekends between 6 & 9,
Except on Saturdays when Mark Keohane uses an hour of her time,
To speak about the 1 thing that's alwayz on his mind,
Hey don't be so disgusting,
We not talking about that thing,
Don't u know know Mark's the Rugby King,
So tune in on Saturdays between 8 & 9,
If rugby's alwayz on your mind,
Next we have the best chart show,
With the 1 & only SeanO,
Counting down from 30 to 1,
While having loads of fun,
Joined by Jerry or Leigh-Anne reading the news,
As well as the latest in celeb gossip & their issues,
& The latest game reviews,
Between 9 & 12 on a Saturday morn,
Tune in for another dose of Sean,
Then we have Big Stan,
Now he's the man,
Playing songs of days gone by,
Sometimes making me wanna cry,
But that's mostly on a Sunday,
Coz On Saturday he paves the way,
With the great music he loves to play,
Getting us ready for the party zone,
With the Party Prince Tyrone,
So tune in between 3 & 6,
As Stan prepares u for the party mix,
Coz the party continues right through until 10 on a Saturday night,
When the GODFATHER plays house music to your delight,
With djs who's mixes are so tight,
Mmm, I wonder if that sounded right,
Anyway tune in Saturdays between 10-2,
When Dineo Michaels & the house music crew gives it to u,
Then we have Nosipo T,
Who continues the party music for u & me,
Or for the people coming home from the Galaxy,
So tune in between 2-6,
& Carry on partying with Nosipo's mix,
Now Ian Ward's music is great,
On a Sunday afternoon I just can't wait,
Playing songs of yesterday,
Not forgetting the reflexology game I like to play,
Sometimes he actually gives the answers away,
Joined by the newsreader Erin-Lee,
Who's new to the industry,
So tune in between 12-3,
If u want your Sunday to be easy,
Now on a Sundaynight,
Oh, I just can't wait for Bradley Knight,
Coz his Sunset Smoothies are such a delight,
He even gives u a chance to make things right,
If u & your partner just had a fight,
U can send him a sms or write on his fb wall,
But plz don't give Brad a call,
Coz love songs is what his show's all about,
So what u for waiting for give Brad a shout,
& Tune in between 6-10,
& Send a special message to your friend,
Next we have a dj who's only on 1 night,
But for that night she makes everything alright,
Getting u ready for your working week,
It's no wonder the 1 night stand's so unique,
So tune in between 10-2,
As Parusha Naidoo entertains u,
Now u can see how much Goodhope fm means to me,
I might be a fan but I feel like family,
& That's how radio's suppose to be,
If u work on-air,
& Your name isn't mentioned anywhere,
Plz accept my apology,
As I tried to mention everyone in my poetry,
But it's not that easy,
I'd also like to thank the people who don't work on air,
I do appreciate u being there,
Coz your role plays a special part too,
Coz u help the on-air crew,
With the great work u do,
& With that I'd like to say thank u,
Coz without GHFM where would we be,
That's why for over 40 yrs you've been in the industry,
& I know you're gonna be around for many more to come,
That's why your Cape Town's no.1,
So why bother with the rest,
When you're listening to the best,
So keep it locked between 94-97 on your fm dial,
Coz GHFM's the only station with class & style.
Coz the other stations are wack,
That's why we're taking our city back...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Heavy hearted I sit all alone,
Staring at my cellpone,
Waiting for it to ring,
But I don't hear anything,
The silence is getting to me,
As my mind starts wondering free,
Lonliness & pain,
Is the only emotions running through my brain,
I feel as if I'm going insane,
My tears have been falling like rain,
Everydrop sends another 1 coming,
I don't know how to stop it from running,
Nobody loves me,
Coz I'm damn ugly,
That's something I can commit to,
Coz everyone knows that it's true,
But what can I do,
Maybe the world would be better place,
If the world didn't have to see my ugly face,
As I look into my own eyes,
I start to realise,
That I need to be streetwise,
& Do what I have to,
To make it through,
& This is what I need to do,
As my body starts getting colder,
I realise my life is finally over,
My emotions will never get the best of me ever again,
& I'll never have to deal with any pain,
& Now no one has to hear me complain,
So don't bother crying,
Coz you're the reason I feel like dying,
So from now on just leave me the hell alone,
Coz it's time for me to head home...

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Phat Diss

Dear Phat Joe,
I can't stand your show,
I think it's time for u to go,
U think u so kwaai,
But jy maak net 'n klom lawaai,
So just shut your face,
Coz it's my turn to put u on your place,
For months I heard u diss Nigel Pierce,
U think your coments are quite fierce,
But u so imature,
I don't know what people listen to u for,
Can't they see you're a copy cat,
& U call yourself phat,
& u never even came up with that,
Stealing a member of Nigel's crew,
& To think Knobbo how much we loved u,
But u decided to join that other team,
Be friends with Nick & that drama queen,
Phat Joe you're completely fake,
& Messing with Nigel was a big mistake,
Coz we the fans don't know how much more we can take,
So stop mentioning Nigel's name,
Coz you're becoming such a pain,
Infact you're driving us all insane,
So concentrate on maintaining your own show,
& Stop dissing Nigel to make your ratings grow...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Eternal Love

Lately I've been thinking about me & u,
& All the things we went through,
I was ready to give u my all,
When I got that call,
The call no one wants to hear,
I was in shock I couldn't believe what was being said in my ear,
Was the end so near,
I remember rushing to the hospital that night,
When I got there they refused to let me hold u tight,
It wasn't right,
Why did u have to walk into the light,
Why couldn't u just hold on,
U were alwayz so strong,
But it's too late coz now you're gone,
Emptiness fills the your side of the bed,
As thoughts of u run through my head,
Walking on the beach hand in hand,
Building sandcastles in the sand,
U were the only man I could understand,
& Who could understand me,
That's how I knew we were meant to be,
Your lips were so inviting,
Your love was so exciting,
I couldn't wait to get home to your great cooking,
Damn u were so good looking,
But now I take my time coming home,
Becoz I feel so alone,
Eventhough I have my family near
It's your voice I need to hear,
Just to re-assure me that everything's gonna be ok,
But till then I'll wait for that day,
I'll alwayz remember the last words u said,
U & I were still lying in bed,
"Whatever happened between u & I,
Promise me if I should die,
U won't fall to pieces & cry,
Coz I'll always be with u in spirit & in mind,
& I'll love u until the end of time,"
I remember asking u to stay,
But u had to leave for work that day,
Never did I think I'd lose u that way,
So as I face this world all on my own,
I still sometimes wait for u to come home,
But I know that will never be,
But your memory still lives inside of me forever & eternity...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I miss u

I'm lying here just thinking about u,
Thinking about the things we used to do,
Our first kiss on our second date,
I must be honest I just couldn't wait,
I think that was the kiss that made me fall,
After kissing we kissed I prepared to give u my all,
But we decided to take things slow,
The more time we spent together the more our love began to grow,
Every second of everyday,
How I missed u everytime u went away,
I remember how excited I was when u decided to stay,
It was exactly 6 months & a day,
The first night we spent together,
I thought that night would last forever,
It was so magical for me,
I knew from that moment we were meant to be,
But the universe didn't agree,
I'm still trying to remember why we fought that way,
All I remember is begging u to say,
But u just stormed out the door,
When I heard the news I fell to the floor,
I couldn't believe u weren't coming back anymore.
Why, why, why,
Why did the love of my life have to die,
Those are the words I alwayz cry,
Wondering what the answer might be,
I sit & try to watch tv,
But it's not easy to do,
When everything reminds me of u,
How will I make it through?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I tried so hard to be your friend.
Then u go & hurt me yet again.
Tears on my pillow as I'm crying tonight.
Coz how you're treating me it just aint right.
You're pushing me away,
With words u don't say,
Why don't u just answer me?
& Plz don't tell me it's becoz you're busy,
Coz I know that aint true,
When there's lotsa people calling u,
Even on your facebook page you're still communicating,
Now trust me I'm not hating,
But I just wanna know why u keep me waiting?
I know I'm not a beauty queen,
Or making it big on the movie screen,
But u don't need to be so mean,
So what if I don't dress the part,
My feelings comes straight from my heart,
& Now you're tearing it in 2,
But I know I'll make it through
So for now I might be losing my mind,
But now I know you're not worth any of my time,
Coz it's too late for sorry now,
Go on step, just take a bow,
ps. Those tears you're crying,
I aint buying,
Coz those tears & fake so don't bother trying...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Start

The accident keeps playing over & over in my head,
Thinking to myself that I should've been dead,
But it wasn't meant to be,
GOD has other plans for me,
I know HE wants me to write my poetry,
Coz oneday someone will notice me,
Until then I should take it one step at a time,
It's hard coz I feel I'm losing my mind,
I might joke & play,
About what happened today,
But inside I'm tearing myself apart,
Trying to mend my broken heart,
I know people care about me,
& I thank GOD for my friendz & family,
Who stood by my side,
But I'm still wondering what would've happened if I had died,
How many people would've cried,
How do u tell my GODDAUGHTER who's only 3,
Or my family accross the sea,
What had happened to me,
Even my friendz & family at home,
& All the people I've known,
How do u break the news,
Who will fill my shoes,
Will people still remember my name,
Would I have reached fame,
Those are what's been on my mind,
How I wish I could turn back the hands of time,
Maybe things would've been done differently,
But then again some things are just meant to be,
That's from here on in,
This is where my life's gonna begin,
Coz I've been given a 2nd chance to start a new,
& I know what I need to do,
I need to be the best that I can be,
Coz there's only 1 me,
& I need to make my dreams a reality...

Monday, March 21, 2011

I wanna be with u

Days gone by since I last heard your voice,
I know it's our decision & I respect your choice,
But I'm just thinking if we did things differently,
If you'd still be with me,
Guess I'd never know,
Coz I let u go,
Let u run free,
The best thing that ever happened to me,
I'll never forget those moments we shared together,
Those memories will last forever,
Like u holding me tight,
The way u kiss me goodnight,
Especially the make-up sex when we'd argue or fight,
The candle-light diners we had,
How u still make me smile even when u make me mad,
The long walks we'd take,
Baby I think I made a mistake,
We don't need a break,
We're perfect for each other,
You're my best friend, my soulmate & my lover,
& I don't want another,
What I'm trying to say,
Baby plz stay,
I need u beside me everyday,
Coz you're the only man for me,
& I want u for eternity,
That's only if u want me back in your life,
Are u ready to make me your wife?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

21st March - Sharpeville Day

The 21st March 1960,
Was a sad day in South African History,
Tired of carrying their pass wherever they go,
A group of protestors decided to say NO!
Standing up for what is right,
Not backing down without a fight,
Tired of being told where to go & what to do,
They decided to march on through,
The police presence started off with about 20,
As the crowd grew bigger they became plenty,
Men, women & children old & young,
Marching through while songs are being sung,
Shots being fired everywhere,
Whom they killed they just didn't care,
People screaming & crying,
Watching the protestors dying,
People being beat down,
As they try to pick up the bodies lying around,
Blood being shed,
As the violence began to spread,
Looks like there was no end in sight,
But our ancestors weren't prepared to backdown without a fight,
That's why it's important to celebrate your human right,
U shouldn't let people walk all over u,
Especially after all the pain & suffering our ancestors went through,
I know it's hard to forget the past,
Coz those memories will always last,
Hateful memories like "Ja baas, nee baas,"
Carrying around that pass,
The violence between black & white,
Fighting for our democratic right,
Coz that's the reason why we're here today,
To thank those who paved the way,
Those 69 people who sacrificed their lives,
Including men, women, children, husbands & wives,
We salute u in a moment of silence,
As we remember the Sharpeville violence,
Coz here we stand different races together,
The pass system gone forever,
So it doesn't matter the colour of your skin,
Coz this is where our future should begin,
A world that doesn't care about your race,
But that u have a smile on your face...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plz Help Japan

It was like any other day,
The children went out to play,
The adults were on there way,
To do what they do everyday,
Little did they know that there was a tsunami on it's way,
Water flowing everywhere,
Drowing thousands that were there,
People running for cover,
Trying to save one another,
Some trying to move up high,
So that they won't die,
Trying so hard to make it through,
But for some there was nothing they could do,
Parents crying,
As they watch their children dying,
Kids trying to stay alive,
But their parents don't survive,
Trying to look for a positive outlook on life,
When u just lost your husband or wife,
Maybe u lost your family,
& Now you're wondering why not me,
At this point I'm not sure what to say,
But I know GOD will make a way,
U might not believe me now,
Might sit & wonder how,
Maybe u might be angry with Our MASTER,
For causing this disaster,
But I don't blame u,
I'd feel the same way too,
But for now I'll take it one step at a time,
Open my eyes & see the sign,
That GOD is trying to talk to u & me,
Trying to open our eyes so that we can see,
That the end of the world is near,
& That we should stop living in anger & fear,
We need to stand together as one,
Not only when the disasters come,
But everyday that we're left on this earth,
Enjoy every moment for what it's worth,
Coz divided we fall, united we stand,
So come on & take your brother / sister by the hand,
& Give them any kind of donation,
Coz together we can rebuild the Japanese nation,
So that there can be a future for our next generation...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 1st time

I see the way u stop & stare,
As if I'm the only other person there,
U run your fingers through my hair,
Your lips speak to me without making a sound,
I'm flying but I'm still on the ground,
U move closer towards me,
My emotions start running free,
Gently u start kissing my lips,
U touch my face with your finger tips,
Slowly moving down,
U tickling me but I don't make a sound,
U start unzipping my dress,
My bossom u start to caress,
Going down below,
Now my energy starts to flow,
As I start to let go,
U suddenly stop,
Taking off your jeans & top,
I stare at u & u stare at me,
Damn I love what I see,
You're 1 fine brother,
Now lets go find each other,
We starting moving slow,
Up & down we go,
As our emotions start to grow,
We start going faster & faster,
U the master,
Now that we've over-come our fears,
We start moaning in each others ears,
It's nearly time for me,
1, 2, 3,
Now look what I see,
It's so hard to explain,
As we rest & wait to do it again,
We think about what we've just done,
I'm so glad that you were my first one...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Family Abuse

The innocence wiped from her face,
As they invade her space,
Knowing she was in the wrong place,
But then again what was she to do,
She had no one to turn to,
Rejected by everyone at home,
Forced to struggle on her own,
Coz drugs messed up her mind,
We knew it was only a matter of time,
Before she was punished for her crime,
Stealing from her own family,
Turning her into the police wasn't easy,
Coz in a few hrs she'd be free,
Doing the same thing again,
& Now she feels the pain,
As her legs are completely lame,
The family looks for someone to blame,
Coz whatever she's done in the past,
This is the 1 memory that will alwayz last,
Being beat down,
Thrown to the ground,
She tries to scream but u don't hear a sound,
Feeling the pain all over again,
As she's being taken advantage by different men,
When will it ever end,
I really don't know,
But I'm hoping this trauma her grow,
Help her see the reality,
That drugs is not the key,
& Whatever happened we're still family,
I want u to know that I'm here for u,
I might not know the pain you're going through,
But we can help face the stormy weather,
& Maybe put our family back together,
Coz familes are meant to last forever...

Michael Jackson's Tribute Poem

kyDaPoet at 10:54 AM
Michael Jackson

Nigel Pierce vs Phat Joe & The Knobb

vs Heart
I think the Knobb's making a huge
You're the one who gave him his big
Now he'd rather work with that fruit
No I'm not refering to Julian Naidoo,
Well he's one too,
I'm talking about the guy who's
copying u,
U know fat lips & a bald head,
U can never understand what he just
Hangs out with that Chelsea fan,
Whom I'll never understand,
Doesn't he know Man United's still
the best,
So why even bother with the rest,
It's just like the Nigel Pierce show,
Who introduced us to Kinky Afro,
& Other great features,
Uncle Nigel also knows how to teach
He doesn't leach us,
Unlike that Phat Joe,
Now he's really flow,
I think he's got 2 go,
Thinks he stole Nigel's mojo,
But we'll show him a thing or 2,
Knobbo we don't need u,
Coz u & Nigel are through,
I still can't believe u stabbed him in
the back,
It's ok coz your jokes were wack,
We know u couldn't have got this far,
Or become a star,
If it wasn't for Nigel & the team,
You're wouldn't be living out your
So I hope you're happy with your
Coz we all know Nigel's got a sexy
Knobb I wish u the best of luck,

Goodbye AME

Liefste Ma & Pa Bailey.
Ek wietie hoekom hulle nie ophou
wil baklei nie.
Ek voel ek wil nie hier bly nie. Die
Kerk word afgebriek.
Dit maak my so siek.
Dit voel soos ek werk in 'n fabriek.
Die mense werk so hard deur die
Dan raak die eienaar deurmekaar.
Is net sy way of die hi way.
Daai's hoekom ons so baklei.
Dis festive seisoen.
En wens daar's iets wat ek kan doen.
Want dis broer teen broer.
Of teen sister of wiet jy nou hoe.
Die Bishop loop rond met
bodygaurds op die vloer.
My hart word so seer.
Maar wat so die AME's mekeer.
Dis 'n tyd om JESUS se geborte te
Ons moet nou by mekaar staan om
die Kerk optebou.
Of anders gaan die mense uit die
AME Kerk loop.
En dit gee die duiwel hoop.
So asseblief HERE help ons nou.
So dat ons die AME naam kan opbou.
Want sonder U hulp sal ons dit nooit
kan bereik.
Coz my freedom of speech is
something they can't take.
But for me the leadership is making
a big mistake.
So before is too late.
Lets take each other by the hand.
& stop talking & take a stand.
Coz united we stand divided we fall.
So brothers & sisters hear my call.
Coz no man shall keep me away
Wherever HE leads me I will go.
Coz my love for HIM will alwayz
Be with me to the end. Amen.

My AME Pain

It pains me to see,
What's happening in the AME
Especially what's been happening at
St. John's AME,
Sum members making a mockery of
the Christian ministry,
This isn't easy for me to say,
But I feel I should just stay away,
Coz it looks like we'll never see the
light of day, With all the gossip that's
been spread around.
I feel it's bringing AME'S name down.
Why can't things just stay the same,
Why do our Pastors get the blame.
Why do we let others decide whom
our Pastors should be,
When we are the ones who follow
the ministry.
Without the members where would
the Church be,
Just a building standing free,
That's something I really don't
wanna see.
But I feel I'm a bit too late, But then
again the GOD we serve is great.
HE'S the only one who can save us
& Prayer is the only way how.
So I ask u to plz pray with me.
& help the AME Ministry...

Nicki Minaj Forever

U listen to my songs on the radio,
Tryin to steal my thunder & my flow,
Some of ya'll saying I should go,
Now I say OH HELL NO!!!
I don't care what u say,
Coz Nicki Minaj is here to stay,
So just step move out my way,
Before I do something that I might
Say something the media wouldn't
That could make my fans very upset,
Coz ya'll have alwayz been there for
Supporting me in da industry,
Coz if it wasn't for ya'll I don't know
where I'd be,
So I wanna thanx to my crew,
& My awesome fans too,
Coz takin ova dis world together,
Nicki & her fans will be here forever...

Keep a child alive campaign

In Africa is where I was born,
Wearing dirty clothes that were torn,
Destined to die all alone,
Coz I have no family at home,
My bed is the cold ground,
Eating food that I found,
I walk around but I don't make a
Afraid I might be seen,
So I hide-away to dream,
Dream is all I can do,
Coz my dream will never come true,
U see I was born with HIV,
So my parents got rid of me,
Not knowing that help was availabe
for free,
All thanx to people like Alicia Keys,
Who helped raise funds for my
So if u want me & my friends to
Join "Keep a child alive,"
& Help us fight HIV AIDS once & for
Thanx again for listening to my call...

Friday, March 11, 2011

I miss u

Sitting in my room just thinking about u,
Thinking about all the crazy things we used to do,
U taught me how to be me,
How to stand out in the family,
U alwayz told me not to be shy,
To give everything a try,
Or u might see your Blessings go by,
U know I'd give anything to see your face,
But I know u're in a better place,
I know I'll see u someday soon,
But for now I'll gaze upon the moon,
& look towards your star,
Becoz that's what u are,
You're the reason I never stopped writing my poetry,
I wonder if you're proud of me,
But that's something I'll never know,
Coz u had to go,
I think about u everyday,
Why did u have to go away,
Only GOD knows the reason why,
So as I start to cry,
I want u to know that I love & miss u so,
I should've let my feelings show,
But it's too late to turn back the hands of time,
U're alwayz in my heart & on my mind...

Thank GOD

This is a poem about me,
I never thought I'd make it in the poetry industry,
Always thought I'd be an accountant or mathematician,
But I'm happy with my decision,
I'm very happy with my religion,
Coz GOD has been good to me,
Blessing me tremendously,
I can't even name them 1 by 1,
Coz there's so many things that GOD has done,
He even sacrificed HIS SON,
So that we could be set free,
Coz HE'S the reason I'm in this industry,
Since I was 17 this has been my dream,
But no 1 listened or so it seemed,
I cried everynight,
For GOD to show me the light,
But still no breakthrough,
I wanted to give up coz I didn't what to do,
Until I heard the Pastor say,
GOD'S gonna Bless u 1 day,
Just remember it's in HIS time,
I always remembered that line,
It's constantly on my mind,
Now I'm here nearly 10 yrs later,
Giving thanx to my CREATOR,
GOD I owe it all to U,
Thank U for making my dream come true,
Coz this talent U've given me,
Is going to help in the Macedonian Evangelical Ministry,
I know the plans U have for me,
I'm just to blind to see,
So for now I'll take it 1 step at a time,
Coz everything happens in your time & not in mine,
I Love U LORD now & forever,
I'm Praying we'll alwayz be together...