Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Niece's Email

I read the saddest email today,
So sad that I didn't know what to say,
Everyone heard that the world would come to an end,
But we're all still here my friend,
But that hoax upset a member of my family,
A member that's very dear to me,
& She's only 9 yrs old,
Telling me about her life's story that still has to be told,
Like celebrating her crown birthday next year,
Or her sister's 1st birthday which is so near,
When I read it I felt a tear,
It actually made me think a bit more,
What I'm really on this earth for,
What GOD has instore,
& I realised that I've got so much still to do,
& Still wanna spend my time with u,
I can't believe what he said,
Maybe he's the 1 who should be dead,
2nd time he's said the same thing,
& What did it bring him,
Yes, everybody know's his name,
But he shouldn't consider it to be fame,
Coz he sounds insane,
& He should just quit coz his bad at this prediction game,
Maybe he should work towards world peace,
I still can't believe he upset my niece,
So to my niece u know who u are,
It's a pity u live so far,
But I want u to know you're my shining star,
& That I love & miss u,
& The rest of my family in Australia too,
Even to my family & friendz in SA,
I'm glad u came my way,
& That's what I thank GOD for everyday...

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