Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Hunger Pains

My hunger pains are unbearable to bare,
There's not enough food for my family to share,
As I'm the eldest child in the family,
I decide not to take any bread for me,
Sometimes it's hard for me to make it through,
But it's something I need to do,
Becoz if I don't provide for my family,
Then the world would be empty with just me,
U see I'm the eldest in a family of 3,
Living in a 3rd world country,
With no rooms or a tv,
Infact we're a family of 14 sharing a one bedroom shack,
We sleep back to back,
& No we don't sleep on a bed,
We sleep on the floor instead,
School isn't an option for me,
Coz I need to support my family,
Standing in a long line,
Hoping I'd get there just in time,
Coz sometimes there so many peaople there,
That there's not enough food parcels to share,
& That's what happened today,
So here I am ready to Pray,
Waiting for a miracle to come my way,
Hoping someone would feed me & my family,
As well as other people in my country,
So plz hear my plea,
& Help Feed the Hungry...

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