Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Uninvited Guest

They said u can choose your friendz but not your family,
But now I can see,
Who really cares about me,
Day in & day out I follow the same routine,
Hoping I could find the guy of my dream,
But that doesn't come true,
Then I wish I had someone to talk to,
Someone who will be there for me,
Someone who's not in my family,
Someone whom I can call a friend,
Who'll stand by me till the very end,
But still that doesn't come true,
Now what must I do,
I have all these friendz on my fb wall,
But there's only a few who call,
Those are the ones who lives so far away,
Whom I wish I could see everyday,
But the ones who live close by,
Won't even say hi,
They won't even invite u to a braai,
& I end up asking myself why,
What's so wrong with me,
Don't people like my personality,
Or am I just losing my mind,
All I'm asking is for a few hours of your time,
I'm only 1,
Just to get out & have sum fun,
I have a car too,
So I can drive to u,
So plz think about me,
The next time u have a party,
Even if u go to a club or bar,
It doesn't matter who u are,
I just need a social life real bad,
Coz I can't depend on the "Friendz" I had,
Coz lately they're making me feel sad,
Going to parties here & there,
Without an invite to share,
& The next day they'd ask me why I didn't come through,
What am I suppose to do,
I've been waiting for an invite from u...

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