Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from SA

I always knew I'd make it through,
Becoz I was raised by a great mom like u,
The only problem is that I miss the things we used to do,
I remember the things u used to say,
I miss giving u a hug & kiss everyday,
I know the reasons why u went away,
So I won't asking u to stay,
It's just that over time it gets hard for me to get by,
Yes I do cry,
Coz it's not easy living without your mother,
Especially when u have a mom who's like no other,
She's more precious than any stone,
Coz without my mom my house isn't a home,
I miss seeing u face to face,
I miss u invading my space,
Yes technology has improved over the years,
But the fact remains you're not here to wipe my tears,
I miss hanging out with u at the mall,
U know I get excited when I get your call,
Just hearing your voice on the other line,
Even if it is only for a short moment in time,
What I'm trying to say,
Is that you're special in everyway,
& That I wish I could spoil u today,
But I know it's not possible now,
& I know things will work out somehow,
Mom thanx for giving birth to me,
I hope you're proud of the woman I turned out to be,
I love & miss now & forever,
Virtual hugs & kisses until the day we can be together...

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