Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Celebrity's Poem

A celebrity's just an ordinary person like u & me,
Except they're well-known becoz of their industry,
They try so hard to stay in the game,
U think becoz everyone knows their name,
They won't get the blame,
Celebs also go through heart-ache & pain,
Some just hide it so well,
That u won't be able to tell,
Like I said they're just like u & me,
Except with more money,
But they also have problems in their family,
It's just that they don't want people to see,
But when the fans do,
Then rumours spread which sometimes aint true,
So take it from me,
If you're a fan of a certain celebrity,
Even if they get publicity,
Be it good or bad,
Alwayz remember them for the good times they had,
Coz we all make mistakes,
But when celebs do they raise the steaks,
They also cry at night,
Some also end up holding their pillows tight,
& Celebs aren't alwayz right,
So rather let them be,
Coz a friend once said to me,
"I might be a public figure but I'm NOT public property,"
Which really change my mind,
& To me that was a sign,
That celebs are sometimes used & abused,
& That's why some people think some of the celebs are confused,
But I've learnt everyone has issues,
& U should respect their views,
Coz u don't know their pressure unless u walked in their shoes,
So to Genevieve Howard who said that line,
I wanna thank u for changing my mind,
May your star continue to shine...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Niece's Email

I read the saddest email today,
So sad that I didn't know what to say,
Everyone heard that the world would come to an end,
But we're all still here my friend,
But that hoax upset a member of my family,
A member that's very dear to me,
& She's only 9 yrs old,
Telling me about her life's story that still has to be told,
Like celebrating her crown birthday next year,
Or her sister's 1st birthday which is so near,
When I read it I felt a tear,
It actually made me think a bit more,
What I'm really on this earth for,
What GOD has instore,
& I realised that I've got so much still to do,
& Still wanna spend my time with u,
I can't believe what he said,
Maybe he's the 1 who should be dead,
2nd time he's said the same thing,
& What did it bring him,
Yes, everybody know's his name,
But he shouldn't consider it to be fame,
Coz he sounds insane,
& He should just quit coz his bad at this prediction game,
Maybe he should work towards world peace,
I still can't believe he upset my niece,
So to my niece u know who u are,
It's a pity u live so far,
But I want u to know you're my shining star,
& That I love & miss u,
& The rest of my family in Australia too,
Even to my family & friendz in SA,
I'm glad u came my way,
& That's what I thank GOD for everyday...

Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of the World

They say the end of the world is near,
I don't believe everything I hear,
So plz don't live your last moments in fear,
Infact if this fact is true,
Then I wanna start off by apologizing to u,
I'm sorry for the things I said,
Sometimes my mouth's faster than my head,
To my family thanx for allowing me to hang around u,
I know it was sometimes hard to do,
But I want u to know I'll alwayz love u,
& I'm greatful to each member of my family,
Coz GOD has truly Blessed me,
Then to my friendz of which I have a few,
I'm so glad to have awesum friendz like u,
You're the people I'll never forget,
Then there's a few things I regret,
Like the love of my life I never met,
I'm sure I would've been a great wife,
If only you'd been apart of my life,
There's so many things I could've done,
I regret not meeting my unborn daughter or son,
I wish I could've had children even if it's only one,
But my ultimate regret,
Is that I never became famous yet,
All I wanted to be was a famous poet,
But my talent I've yet to show it,
I never got the chance to grow it,
As it might be the end of the world as we know it,
So if the world should end today,
Then I want u to know that I'm greatful u all came my way,
I wish we could all stay,
But this is how it's suppose to be,
Lotsa love from me...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Hidden Pain

Everybody seems to know my name,
But do they know me beyond the fame,
Coz this is my life & not a game,
& Right now I'm going through so much pain,
But u really can't tell,
Becoz I hide it so well,
If really knew what's going on with me,
U'd give me sympathy,
But I don't want that from u,
I just want someone to talk to,
Someone to call my very own,
Someone who can't wait for me to come home,
But it looks like I'm destined to spend my life all alone,
Coz I had quite a few relationships in the past,
But they didn't last,
It's so hard for me to trust anyone,
Becoz of what my previous boyfriends have done,
Coz now I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me,
That I can't have my own family,
What did I do to deserve this pain?
Will I ever find true love again?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from SA

I always knew I'd make it through,
Becoz I was raised by a great mom like u,
The only problem is that I miss the things we used to do,
I remember the things u used to say,
I miss giving u a hug & kiss everyday,
I know the reasons why u went away,
So I won't asking u to stay,
It's just that over time it gets hard for me to get by,
Yes I do cry,
Coz it's not easy living without your mother,
Especially when u have a mom who's like no other,
She's more precious than any stone,
Coz without my mom my house isn't a home,
I miss seeing u face to face,
I miss u invading my space,
Yes technology has improved over the years,
But the fact remains you're not here to wipe my tears,
I miss hanging out with u at the mall,
U know I get excited when I get your call,
Just hearing your voice on the other line,
Even if it is only for a short moment in time,
What I'm trying to say,
Is that you're special in everyway,
& That I wish I could spoil u today,
But I know it's not possible now,
& I know things will work out somehow,
Mom thanx for giving birth to me,
I hope you're proud of the woman I turned out to be,
I love & miss now & forever,
Virtual hugs & kisses until the day we can be together...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Unborn Child

When I first heard the news,
I felt a bit confused,
I didn't know how to tell anyone,
Too shy to let people know what I've done,
But I knew I couldn't hide it for too long,
I had to be strong,
So I told everybody what's been going on,
Everyone was excited for me,
Especially my bf's family,
I thought everything was fine,
Until I started getting those cramps of mine,
I was rushed to the hospital,
Where I was told everything's critical,
But I knew something wasn't right,
I started holding my tummy tight,
My tears rolled down my cheek,
As the doctor began to speak,
I remember I started feeling weak,
Everyone tried to comfort me,
But all I wanted was my baby,
Now how am I suppose to carry on,
When I almost became a mom,
& Now my baby's heartbeat is gone,
Why is this happening to me,
I was so looking forward to starting my own family,
For 3 months he/she was growing inside of me,
But it just wasn't meant to be,
So here I'm just lying on my bed,
Thinking about what the doctor said,
Coz I still can't believe my unborn child's dead,
So as the world carries on with it's daily routine,
I think about my life & what it could've been,
& My baby I've never seen...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Uninvited Guest

They said u can choose your friendz but not your family,
But now I can see,
Who really cares about me,
Day in & day out I follow the same routine,
Hoping I could find the guy of my dream,
But that doesn't come true,
Then I wish I had someone to talk to,
Someone who will be there for me,
Someone who's not in my family,
Someone whom I can call a friend,
Who'll stand by me till the very end,
But still that doesn't come true,
Now what must I do,
I have all these friendz on my fb wall,
But there's only a few who call,
Those are the ones who lives so far away,
Whom I wish I could see everyday,
But the ones who live close by,
Won't even say hi,
They won't even invite u to a braai,
& I end up asking myself why,
What's so wrong with me,
Don't people like my personality,
Or am I just losing my mind,
All I'm asking is for a few hours of your time,
I'm only 1,
Just to get out & have sum fun,
I have a car too,
So I can drive to u,
So plz think about me,
The next time u have a party,
Even if u go to a club or bar,
It doesn't matter who u are,
I just need a social life real bad,
Coz I can't depend on the "Friendz" I had,
Coz lately they're making me feel sad,
Going to parties here & there,
Without an invite to share,
& The next day they'd ask me why I didn't come through,
What am I suppose to do,
I've been waiting for an invite from u...

My Hunger Pains

My hunger pains are unbearable to bare,
There's not enough food for my family to share,
As I'm the eldest child in the family,
I decide not to take any bread for me,
Sometimes it's hard for me to make it through,
But it's something I need to do,
Becoz if I don't provide for my family,
Then the world would be empty with just me,
U see I'm the eldest in a family of 3,
Living in a 3rd world country,
With no rooms or a tv,
Infact we're a family of 14 sharing a one bedroom shack,
We sleep back to back,
& No we don't sleep on a bed,
We sleep on the floor instead,
School isn't an option for me,
Coz I need to support my family,
Standing in a long line,
Hoping I'd get there just in time,
Coz sometimes there so many peaople there,
That there's not enough food parcels to share,
& That's what happened today,
So here I am ready to Pray,
Waiting for a miracle to come my way,
Hoping someone would feed me & my family,
As well as other people in my country,
So plz hear my plea,
& Help Feed the Hungry...

Plz Forgive Me

I alwayz told u I'd never hurt u,
But everytime I do,
I don't know what's wrong with me,
It's not like I do it intensionally,
Maybe that's the reason u & I could never be,
Sorry doesn't work anymore,
I don't even know what I'm saying it for,
Baby plz don't close the door,
Let me in just one last time,
But then I go & commit another crime,
Am I losing my mind,
Maybe I shouldn't say anything,
Coz that's where the problems begin,
& U alwayz tend to win,
Coz I'm alwayz at fault,
Sometimes I wonder if I'm an adult,
So baby what I'm trying to say,
Is that I'm sorry for the way I treated u today,
& That I really want u to stay,
& Next time I'd watch what I say,
Coz I don't know what I'd do,
If I was to ever lose u...