Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Unborn Child

When I first heard the news,
I felt a bit confused,
I didn't know how to tell anyone,
Too shy to let people know what I've done,
But I knew I couldn't hide it for too long,
I had to be strong,
So I told everybody what's been going on,
Everyone was excited for me,
Especially my bf's family,
I thought everything was fine,
Until I started getting those cramps of mine,
I was rushed to the hospital,
Where I was told everything's critical,
But I knew something wasn't right,
I started holding my tummy tight,
My tears rolled down my cheek,
As the doctor began to speak,
I remember I started feeling weak,
Everyone tried to comfort me,
But all I wanted was my baby,
Now how am I suppose to carry on,
When I almost became a mom,
& Now my baby's heartbeat is gone,
Why is this happening to me,
I was so looking forward to starting my own family,
For 3 months he/she was growing inside of me,
But it just wasn't meant to be,
So here I'm just lying on my bed,
Thinking about what the doctor said,
Coz I still can't believe my unborn child's dead,
So as the world carries on with it's daily routine,
I think about my life & what it could've been,
& My baby I've never seen...

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