Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Freedom Day

On the 27th April 1994,
We South Africans opened a door,
A door that we never thought we'd find,
& As we walked through we left our memories behind,
Memories of heartache & pain,
But we knew South Africa would never be the same,
People standing in ques 1 behind the other,
Forgetting about race & skin colour,
As people started to cast their vote,
They realised that they were all in the same boat,
Not sure who to vote for,
As they had never experienced an election before,
Thinking about what the new government had instore,
A few weeks later the votes came in,
& A new South Africa was about to begin,
As the ANC won the election campaign,
We knew our country would never be the same,
Now with Nelson Mandela as father of this nation,
We knew that we'd never have to live in race seperation,
That's why every year it's a celebration,
A celebration which is apart of our history,
27th April 1994 when South Africa became a democracy...

My Casting Role

I thought I was strong,
But I guess I was wrong,
Coz when I saw u today,
I felt like running away,
Running far away where no one knows my name,
Where I can be alone to ease my pain,
& To think it wasn't that long ago,
When u were the star of my life's show,
How could I let u go?
I still don't know,
Seeing her with u,
Makes me think of the things we used to do,
I thought I was your boo,
& That your love for me was true,
I was ready to be apart of your life,
U even asked me to be your wife,
Now you're acting all strange,
Saying I'm the one who changed,
Well that aint true,
Coz I still think about u,
Think about what we could've been,
If she hadn't entered the scene,
Well it's too late to turn back the hands of time now,
So go on & take a bow,
Coz my life will work out some how,
Becoz I'm a star in everyway,
& Soon the right leading man will come my way...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lonely Me

Lately I've been feeling down & out,
Trying to figure out what my life's all about,
Sitting night & after night,
Clutching my pillow tight,
Crying by moonlight,
Just so that nobody can see my tears,
& It's been going on for years,
All I want is to find that perfect guy,
But instead I sit & wonder why,
Why I get all the unemployed guys asking my name,
& Their pick-up lines are so lame,
When am I gonna play this love game,
Now I know that I'm Blessed,
But I still feel depressed,
Coz every weekend it's the same for me,
Relaxing infront of the tv,
Now I love my family,
But they can't be there all the time,
I need to find a man to call mine,
He doesn't have to be fine,
All he has to do is love me for me,
Also have a J.O.B,
But then again love is blind as u can see,
Maybe it's meant that I shouldn't be falling,
Maybe being single is my calling,
That's why I'll rather just sit here all alone,
Watching tv & staying at home...

Monday, April 18, 2011

The end of my chapter

Screams coming from inside the house,
Quietly I lay like a mouse,
Tears rolling from my eyes,
Can anybody hear my silent cries?
The door slams closed as I hear him go,
What's happening in the room next door I don't really know,
As I open the door,
I see my mother lying on the bedroom floor,
It's not like I haven't seen that sight before,
I try to help her to her feet,
She looks helpless & weak,
Her face badly beaten making it hard for her to speak,
& Then she says "Everything's gonna be ok,"
I hear that line almost everyday,
I sometimes wish he'd just go away,
But she alwayz begs him to stay,
It's not fair,
Are u telling me that's a way to show u care?
I might be young but I'm not naive,
There's certain things I won't believe,
Like my mom saying it's so hard to leave,
& That he's gonna change,
When's that when there's nothing left on my mom's face to re-arrange,
Anger builds up inside of me,
My siblings are too young to see the reality,
I feel I need to protect my family,
Waiting for him to come home,
I sit & wait up all alone,
Suddenly I hear his car in the drive-way,
So nervous about what I'm gonna do today,
As he tries to beat my mother yet again,
I start to become insane,
Watching & hearing her pain,
Beating her without any rest,
I take the knife & stab him in the chest,
Dead he lies on the floor,
He won't be able to hurt my mother anymore,
Well as for me,
It's only 5 yrs till I can leave juvie,
& I'm not sorry for what I've done,
Infact I'm hoping my story would inspire people in years to come..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forever Lonely

Everyone seems to know my name,
But yet my social life's so lame,
Every weekend for me is the same,
& I only have myself to blame,
Every weekend I sit all alone,
Playing with my cellphone,
Wishing someone would call me,
Maybe invite me to a party,
But that wish doesn't come true,
I really wish there was something I could do,
These lonely nights are starting to get to me,
Now u might say what about my family,
Well they're great,
But 3's not great on a date,
I feel so left out,
I feel as if I wanna scream & shout,
Coz no one knows what I'm going through,
& It's about time that I tell u,
Now I don't want your sympathy,
I just want u to know the real me,
Coz all I really have is my poetry,
But becoz I've been feeling so depressed,
I forgot that I'm Blessed,
So I almost threw my Blessings away,
But now I'm glad my poetry's here to stay,
& I don't care what people say,
Eventhough I've been hurt so many times,
By people who ignore me after I've sent them rhymes,
It's fine by me,
Coz this is whom I'm destined to be,
Living all alone,
Writing my poems on my phone,
With no friendz by side,
Thinking about the times I was taken for a ride,
How I lost my dignity & pride,
Remembering the nights that I've cried,
Coz one day I'm gonna make it in this industry,
Then I'll have lotsa friendz with me,
But how long will that be,
Or am I destined to be forever lonely...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The end of an era

My pillow soaking wet from all the tears,
Tears that I've cried throughout the years,
Tears of pain & sorrow,
Coz I thought I could be predict tomorrow,
I had everything worked out,
Now I just wanna scream & shout,
Coz writing poetry's what I'm all about,
But nobody notices me,
Actually nobody that works in the industry,
I've sent quite a few of my poems through,
From newspapers to competitions too,
Even to a few radio stations,
I've even wrote them their very own creations,
But still they don't get back to me,
Am I so bad at writing poetry,
How long does it take to say thank u to a fan,
Now I can relate to Eminem's song "Stan,"
Coz there's many people who say my poems are great,
& That I should just be patient & wait,
But for how long,
Coz as this point I don't think I can carry on,
I know my faith should be strong,
But I feel GOD has forgotten about me,
It feels like I'm trapped in a stormy sea,
& There's no way to break free,
Some people say GOD will open a door,
But my heart feels broken & sore,
Sometimes I wonder what I'm living for,
Coz I've tried so hard to best that I can be,
& I've continued to write my poetry,
But now I've come to the end of my page,
& All I feel is anger & rage,
Coz my dreams never came true,
So there's only 1 thing left to do,
& That's put away my pen,
Only GOD knows till when,
So goodbye poetry my 1 & only friend,
ps. I'll alwayz keep your name,
As a reminder of my contributions to the poetry game...

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Addiction

My hands trembling as I ly awake,
Not knowing how much more I can take,
Coz my life's 1 big mistake,
Problems tend to follow me,
Looking for a way to break free,
With no money in my hand,
On the street corners is where I stand,
Up to my usual tricks,
Just so that I can get my daily fix,
My nose bleeding as I ly on the floor,
It's not as bad as the night before,
My body yearns for more,
Trying so hard to get high,
So I start giving different drugs a try,
Now I truly believe I can fly
Seeing things that I should not see,
Seeing my dead relatives talking to me,
But the moment doesn't last very long,
Coz I find myself singing the same old song,
Over & over again,
Trying to ease my pain,
While the drugs start affecting my brain,
I think that's what caused me to go insane,
Now here I am losing my mind,
Coz I need my fix just 1 last time,
But they won't let me go,
My speech is slow,
As my addiction starts to grow,
I'm so confused that I'm going in circles all the time,
Finding it so hard to write my rhyme,
But soon I'll be fine,
As soon as the itching goes away,
Maybe then I can go out to play,
Coz I need a fix real bad,
3 Days ago was the last time I had,
So plz help me with a rand or 2,
So that I can get through,
Plz people I'm begging u,
I need your help now more than ever,
Coz drugs & I will alwayz be together,
So don't even bother to waste your time on me,
Coz I was born to be a junkie...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Poem About GHFM Part 1

This poem is dedicated to the best radio station,
For over 40yrs they've been entertaining this nation,
With listeners young & old,
Who's on-air presenters voices are worth more than gold,
Like Guy Macdonald aka Macky D,
Now his new slot doesn't suit me,
Coz now I can only listen for an hour to those 3,
I wish things could go back to the way they used to be,
But at least I can still listen to Carl Waistie on Saturdays between 12-3,
When he entertains the teens in his own special way,
Parents sometimes not understanding what he's trying to say,
But the teens understand so that's ok,
Now Tracey she's a character of note,
Her laugh is no joke,
Damn can she lol,
A laugh that makes her parents proud,
Now Que bace,
He's the reason they're in this place,
Doing all the work behind the scene,
We should thank him for organizing the team,
So tune into them at their new time,
Weekdays between 6 & 9,
Next we have Nigel Pierce,
Who's tongue is extremely fierce,
I miss hearing his sexy voice,
Coz he was CT's breakfast host of choice,
Now that he's gone,
I feel as if I can't go on,
My day feels so long,
Coz he & his old breakfast crew gave me the strength to be strong,
Now plz don't get me wrong,
I'm not saying I don't like the new breakfast show,
It's just so hard for me to let go,
I still don't understand why Nigel was moved to a different show,
Coz once u listened to King Nigel,
There's no other way of survival,
ps. Don't even compare him to his rival,
Infact lets not even go there,
Coz we still have Sandra on the air,
She's alwayz been on Nigel's side,
Now I call her Nigel's on-air bride,
So tune in to those 2,
Coz they know how to entertain u,
In their own special way,
Only between 9 & 12 midday,
Next up we have Ayanda T,
Now she's the best as u can see,
Do things in her own unique way,
With the things she has to say,
& With Vania on her side,
U know you're in for an awesome ride,
Not forgetting the sports guy,
U haven't heard great sports if u haven't given Brandon a try,
So join Ayanda, Vania & Brandon B,
For the best option between 12 & 3,
Then we have my new favourite show,
I must admit I was sad to see Guy go,
But I like listening to SeanO,
& All the games he's playing,
Sometimes I don't understand what Nic is saying,
But it's great to play along,
Shame poor Eugene alwayz gets the answer wrong,
But then again he knows his sport,
We also have Maxine, Kevin or Lyndon doing the traffic report,
Now the news is read by Leigh-Anne,
Now she alwayz has plan,
& Whatever SeanO can do,
She'll find a way to make it through,
So tune into the show that I'm sure was sent from Heaven,
Weekdays between 3 & 7,
Next up we have Ready D,
Now he's the no.1 dj in the Mother City,
Coz his mixes are so unique,
So if you're looking for a party in the week,
Tune in to the Ready D Show,
That's between 7 & 10 for those of u who didn't know,
Now for those of u who didn't like going to school,
Ebrahiem Inglis makes it cool,
Playing games throughout the night,
& It doesn't matter if u don't get it right,
Coz this teacher won't give a detention,
As long as u listen & pay attention,
So tune in between 10 & 2,
To Ebrahiem Inglis the only teacher who knows how to teach u,

A Poem About GHFM Part 2

Now on Fridaynights the line up starts to change,
Don't worry the djs aren't that strange,
Ok maybe I'm wrong about TP,
Coz he's a bit strange to me,
Playing mixing all night through,
Like only Tyrone Paulsen knows how to do,
So tune between 7 & 10 on a fridaynight,
& Between 6 & 10 on a Saturdaynight,
To the only dj who knows how to make u start your weekend off right,
Then we have the chick with energy & spunk,
Mixi on the Night Funk,
Continuing with the awesum dance beats,
Mixing it up as u prepare to hit the streets,
With the best djs on the wheels of steal,
& On Sunday mornings Mixi keeps it real,
Counting down the 40 biggest hits in the UK,
In her own unique way,
So tune in Fridays between 10 & 2,
& On Sundays between 9 & 12 as she counts down the UK top 40 for me & u,
Now the party doesn't end just there,
Coz on a Friday TK wants u to throw your hands up in the air,
Coz The After Party's where it's at,
So tune in between 2 & 6 coz this gal is phat,
That's P.H.A.T,
Next up we have Stephanie Bee,
Now she's the best weekend breakfast dj in the Mother City,
Telling us things we never knew,
So unbelievable but oh so true,
Asking us questions on her fb wall,
& U can even give your opinion by giving her call,
So catch her weekends between 6 & 9,
Except on Saturdays when Mark Keohane uses an hour of her time,
To speak about the 1 thing that's alwayz on his mind,
Hey don't be so disgusting,
We not talking about that thing,
Don't u know know Mark's the Rugby King,
So tune in on Saturdays between 8 & 9,
If rugby's alwayz on your mind,
Next we have the best chart show,
With the 1 & only SeanO,
Counting down from 30 to 1,
While having loads of fun,
Joined by Jerry or Leigh-Anne reading the news,
As well as the latest in celeb gossip & their issues,
& The latest game reviews,
Between 9 & 12 on a Saturday morn,
Tune in for another dose of Sean,
Then we have Big Stan,
Now he's the man,
Playing songs of days gone by,
Sometimes making me wanna cry,
But that's mostly on a Sunday,
Coz On Saturday he paves the way,
With the great music he loves to play,
Getting us ready for the party zone,
With the Party Prince Tyrone,
So tune in between 3 & 6,
As Stan prepares u for the party mix,
Coz the party continues right through until 10 on a Saturday night,
When the GODFATHER plays house music to your delight,
With djs who's mixes are so tight,
Mmm, I wonder if that sounded right,
Anyway tune in Saturdays between 10-2,
When Dineo Michaels & the house music crew gives it to u,
Then we have Nosipo T,
Who continues the party music for u & me,
Or for the people coming home from the Galaxy,
So tune in between 2-6,
& Carry on partying with Nosipo's mix,
Now Ian Ward's music is great,
On a Sunday afternoon I just can't wait,
Playing songs of yesterday,
Not forgetting the reflexology game I like to play,
Sometimes he actually gives the answers away,
Joined by the newsreader Erin-Lee,
Who's new to the industry,
So tune in between 12-3,
If u want your Sunday to be easy,
Now on a Sundaynight,
Oh, I just can't wait for Bradley Knight,
Coz his Sunset Smoothies are such a delight,
He even gives u a chance to make things right,
If u & your partner just had a fight,
U can send him a sms or write on his fb wall,
But plz don't give Brad a call,
Coz love songs is what his show's all about,
So what u for waiting for give Brad a shout,
& Tune in between 6-10,
& Send a special message to your friend,
Next we have a dj who's only on 1 night,
But for that night she makes everything alright,
Getting u ready for your working week,
It's no wonder the 1 night stand's so unique,
So tune in between 10-2,
As Parusha Naidoo entertains u,
Now u can see how much Goodhope fm means to me,
I might be a fan but I feel like family,
& That's how radio's suppose to be,
If u work on-air,
& Your name isn't mentioned anywhere,
Plz accept my apology,
As I tried to mention everyone in my poetry,
But it's not that easy,
I'd also like to thank the people who don't work on air,
I do appreciate u being there,
Coz your role plays a special part too,
Coz u help the on-air crew,
With the great work u do,
& With that I'd like to say thank u,
Coz without GHFM where would we be,
That's why for over 40 yrs you've been in the industry,
& I know you're gonna be around for many more to come,
That's why your Cape Town's no.1,
So why bother with the rest,
When you're listening to the best,
So keep it locked between 94-97 on your fm dial,
Coz GHFM's the only station with class & style.
Coz the other stations are wack,
That's why we're taking our city back...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Heavy hearted I sit all alone,
Staring at my cellpone,
Waiting for it to ring,
But I don't hear anything,
The silence is getting to me,
As my mind starts wondering free,
Lonliness & pain,
Is the only emotions running through my brain,
I feel as if I'm going insane,
My tears have been falling like rain,
Everydrop sends another 1 coming,
I don't know how to stop it from running,
Nobody loves me,
Coz I'm damn ugly,
That's something I can commit to,
Coz everyone knows that it's true,
But what can I do,
Maybe the world would be better place,
If the world didn't have to see my ugly face,
As I look into my own eyes,
I start to realise,
That I need to be streetwise,
& Do what I have to,
To make it through,
& This is what I need to do,
As my body starts getting colder,
I realise my life is finally over,
My emotions will never get the best of me ever again,
& I'll never have to deal with any pain,
& Now no one has to hear me complain,
So don't bother crying,
Coz you're the reason I feel like dying,
So from now on just leave me the hell alone,
Coz it's time for me to head home...

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Phat Diss

Dear Phat Joe,
I can't stand your show,
I think it's time for u to go,
U think u so kwaai,
But jy maak net 'n klom lawaai,
So just shut your face,
Coz it's my turn to put u on your place,
For months I heard u diss Nigel Pierce,
U think your coments are quite fierce,
But u so imature,
I don't know what people listen to u for,
Can't they see you're a copy cat,
& U call yourself phat,
& u never even came up with that,
Stealing a member of Nigel's crew,
& To think Knobbo how much we loved u,
But u decided to join that other team,
Be friends with Nick & that drama queen,
Phat Joe you're completely fake,
& Messing with Nigel was a big mistake,
Coz we the fans don't know how much more we can take,
So stop mentioning Nigel's name,
Coz you're becoming such a pain,
Infact you're driving us all insane,
So concentrate on maintaining your own show,
& Stop dissing Nigel to make your ratings grow...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Eternal Love

Lately I've been thinking about me & u,
& All the things we went through,
I was ready to give u my all,
When I got that call,
The call no one wants to hear,
I was in shock I couldn't believe what was being said in my ear,
Was the end so near,
I remember rushing to the hospital that night,
When I got there they refused to let me hold u tight,
It wasn't right,
Why did u have to walk into the light,
Why couldn't u just hold on,
U were alwayz so strong,
But it's too late coz now you're gone,
Emptiness fills the your side of the bed,
As thoughts of u run through my head,
Walking on the beach hand in hand,
Building sandcastles in the sand,
U were the only man I could understand,
& Who could understand me,
That's how I knew we were meant to be,
Your lips were so inviting,
Your love was so exciting,
I couldn't wait to get home to your great cooking,
Damn u were so good looking,
But now I take my time coming home,
Becoz I feel so alone,
Eventhough I have my family near
It's your voice I need to hear,
Just to re-assure me that everything's gonna be ok,
But till then I'll wait for that day,
I'll alwayz remember the last words u said,
U & I were still lying in bed,
"Whatever happened between u & I,
Promise me if I should die,
U won't fall to pieces & cry,
Coz I'll always be with u in spirit & in mind,
& I'll love u until the end of time,"
I remember asking u to stay,
But u had to leave for work that day,
Never did I think I'd lose u that way,
So as I face this world all on my own,
I still sometimes wait for u to come home,
But I know that will never be,
But your memory still lives inside of me forever & eternity...