Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Poem About GHFM Part 2

Now on Fridaynights the line up starts to change,
Don't worry the djs aren't that strange,
Ok maybe I'm wrong about TP,
Coz he's a bit strange to me,
Playing mixing all night through,
Like only Tyrone Paulsen knows how to do,
So tune between 7 & 10 on a fridaynight,
& Between 6 & 10 on a Saturdaynight,
To the only dj who knows how to make u start your weekend off right,
Then we have the chick with energy & spunk,
Mixi on the Night Funk,
Continuing with the awesum dance beats,
Mixing it up as u prepare to hit the streets,
With the best djs on the wheels of steal,
& On Sunday mornings Mixi keeps it real,
Counting down the 40 biggest hits in the UK,
In her own unique way,
So tune in Fridays between 10 & 2,
& On Sundays between 9 & 12 as she counts down the UK top 40 for me & u,
Now the party doesn't end just there,
Coz on a Friday TK wants u to throw your hands up in the air,
Coz The After Party's where it's at,
So tune in between 2 & 6 coz this gal is phat,
That's P.H.A.T,
Next up we have Stephanie Bee,
Now she's the best weekend breakfast dj in the Mother City,
Telling us things we never knew,
So unbelievable but oh so true,
Asking us questions on her fb wall,
& U can even give your opinion by giving her call,
So catch her weekends between 6 & 9,
Except on Saturdays when Mark Keohane uses an hour of her time,
To speak about the 1 thing that's alwayz on his mind,
Hey don't be so disgusting,
We not talking about that thing,
Don't u know know Mark's the Rugby King,
So tune in on Saturdays between 8 & 9,
If rugby's alwayz on your mind,
Next we have the best chart show,
With the 1 & only SeanO,
Counting down from 30 to 1,
While having loads of fun,
Joined by Jerry or Leigh-Anne reading the news,
As well as the latest in celeb gossip & their issues,
& The latest game reviews,
Between 9 & 12 on a Saturday morn,
Tune in for another dose of Sean,
Then we have Big Stan,
Now he's the man,
Playing songs of days gone by,
Sometimes making me wanna cry,
But that's mostly on a Sunday,
Coz On Saturday he paves the way,
With the great music he loves to play,
Getting us ready for the party zone,
With the Party Prince Tyrone,
So tune in between 3 & 6,
As Stan prepares u for the party mix,
Coz the party continues right through until 10 on a Saturday night,
When the GODFATHER plays house music to your delight,
With djs who's mixes are so tight,
Mmm, I wonder if that sounded right,
Anyway tune in Saturdays between 10-2,
When Dineo Michaels & the house music crew gives it to u,
Then we have Nosipo T,
Who continues the party music for u & me,
Or for the people coming home from the Galaxy,
So tune in between 2-6,
& Carry on partying with Nosipo's mix,
Now Ian Ward's music is great,
On a Sunday afternoon I just can't wait,
Playing songs of yesterday,
Not forgetting the reflexology game I like to play,
Sometimes he actually gives the answers away,
Joined by the newsreader Erin-Lee,
Who's new to the industry,
So tune in between 12-3,
If u want your Sunday to be easy,
Now on a Sundaynight,
Oh, I just can't wait for Bradley Knight,
Coz his Sunset Smoothies are such a delight,
He even gives u a chance to make things right,
If u & your partner just had a fight,
U can send him a sms or write on his fb wall,
But plz don't give Brad a call,
Coz love songs is what his show's all about,
So what u for waiting for give Brad a shout,
& Tune in between 6-10,
& Send a special message to your friend,
Next we have a dj who's only on 1 night,
But for that night she makes everything alright,
Getting u ready for your working week,
It's no wonder the 1 night stand's so unique,
So tune in between 10-2,
As Parusha Naidoo entertains u,
Now u can see how much Goodhope fm means to me,
I might be a fan but I feel like family,
& That's how radio's suppose to be,
If u work on-air,
& Your name isn't mentioned anywhere,
Plz accept my apology,
As I tried to mention everyone in my poetry,
But it's not that easy,
I'd also like to thank the people who don't work on air,
I do appreciate u being there,
Coz your role plays a special part too,
Coz u help the on-air crew,
With the great work u do,
& With that I'd like to say thank u,
Coz without GHFM where would we be,
That's why for over 40 yrs you've been in the industry,
& I know you're gonna be around for many more to come,
That's why your Cape Town's no.1,
So why bother with the rest,
When you're listening to the best,
So keep it locked between 94-97 on your fm dial,
Coz GHFM's the only station with class & style.
Coz the other stations are wack,
That's why we're taking our city back...

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