Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Poem About GHFM Part 1

This poem is dedicated to the best radio station,
For over 40yrs they've been entertaining this nation,
With listeners young & old,
Who's on-air presenters voices are worth more than gold,
Like Guy Macdonald aka Macky D,
Now his new slot doesn't suit me,
Coz now I can only listen for an hour to those 3,
I wish things could go back to the way they used to be,
But at least I can still listen to Carl Waistie on Saturdays between 12-3,
When he entertains the teens in his own special way,
Parents sometimes not understanding what he's trying to say,
But the teens understand so that's ok,
Now Tracey she's a character of note,
Her laugh is no joke,
Damn can she lol,
A laugh that makes her parents proud,
Now Que bace,
He's the reason they're in this place,
Doing all the work behind the scene,
We should thank him for organizing the team,
So tune into them at their new time,
Weekdays between 6 & 9,
Next we have Nigel Pierce,
Who's tongue is extremely fierce,
I miss hearing his sexy voice,
Coz he was CT's breakfast host of choice,
Now that he's gone,
I feel as if I can't go on,
My day feels so long,
Coz he & his old breakfast crew gave me the strength to be strong,
Now plz don't get me wrong,
I'm not saying I don't like the new breakfast show,
It's just so hard for me to let go,
I still don't understand why Nigel was moved to a different show,
Coz once u listened to King Nigel,
There's no other way of survival,
ps. Don't even compare him to his rival,
Infact lets not even go there,
Coz we still have Sandra on the air,
She's alwayz been on Nigel's side,
Now I call her Nigel's on-air bride,
So tune in to those 2,
Coz they know how to entertain u,
In their own special way,
Only between 9 & 12 midday,
Next up we have Ayanda T,
Now she's the best as u can see,
Do things in her own unique way,
With the things she has to say,
& With Vania on her side,
U know you're in for an awesome ride,
Not forgetting the sports guy,
U haven't heard great sports if u haven't given Brandon a try,
So join Ayanda, Vania & Brandon B,
For the best option between 12 & 3,
Then we have my new favourite show,
I must admit I was sad to see Guy go,
But I like listening to SeanO,
& All the games he's playing,
Sometimes I don't understand what Nic is saying,
But it's great to play along,
Shame poor Eugene alwayz gets the answer wrong,
But then again he knows his sport,
We also have Maxine, Kevin or Lyndon doing the traffic report,
Now the news is read by Leigh-Anne,
Now she alwayz has plan,
& Whatever SeanO can do,
She'll find a way to make it through,
So tune into the show that I'm sure was sent from Heaven,
Weekdays between 3 & 7,
Next up we have Ready D,
Now he's the no.1 dj in the Mother City,
Coz his mixes are so unique,
So if you're looking for a party in the week,
Tune in to the Ready D Show,
That's between 7 & 10 for those of u who didn't know,
Now for those of u who didn't like going to school,
Ebrahiem Inglis makes it cool,
Playing games throughout the night,
& It doesn't matter if u don't get it right,
Coz this teacher won't give a detention,
As long as u listen & pay attention,
So tune in between 10 & 2,
To Ebrahiem Inglis the only teacher who knows how to teach u,

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