Saturday, April 16, 2011

Forever Lonely

Everyone seems to know my name,
But yet my social life's so lame,
Every weekend for me is the same,
& I only have myself to blame,
Every weekend I sit all alone,
Playing with my cellphone,
Wishing someone would call me,
Maybe invite me to a party,
But that wish doesn't come true,
I really wish there was something I could do,
These lonely nights are starting to get to me,
Now u might say what about my family,
Well they're great,
But 3's not great on a date,
I feel so left out,
I feel as if I wanna scream & shout,
Coz no one knows what I'm going through,
& It's about time that I tell u,
Now I don't want your sympathy,
I just want u to know the real me,
Coz all I really have is my poetry,
But becoz I've been feeling so depressed,
I forgot that I'm Blessed,
So I almost threw my Blessings away,
But now I'm glad my poetry's here to stay,
& I don't care what people say,
Eventhough I've been hurt so many times,
By people who ignore me after I've sent them rhymes,
It's fine by me,
Coz this is whom I'm destined to be,
Living all alone,
Writing my poems on my phone,
With no friendz by side,
Thinking about the times I was taken for a ride,
How I lost my dignity & pride,
Remembering the nights that I've cried,
Coz one day I'm gonna make it in this industry,
Then I'll have lotsa friendz with me,
But how long will that be,
Or am I destined to be forever lonely...

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