Monday, April 4, 2011

My Phat Diss

Dear Phat Joe,
I can't stand your show,
I think it's time for u to go,
U think u so kwaai,
But jy maak net 'n klom lawaai,
So just shut your face,
Coz it's my turn to put u on your place,
For months I heard u diss Nigel Pierce,
U think your coments are quite fierce,
But u so imature,
I don't know what people listen to u for,
Can't they see you're a copy cat,
& U call yourself phat,
& u never even came up with that,
Stealing a member of Nigel's crew,
& To think Knobbo how much we loved u,
But u decided to join that other team,
Be friends with Nick & that drama queen,
Phat Joe you're completely fake,
& Messing with Nigel was a big mistake,
Coz we the fans don't know how much more we can take,
So stop mentioning Nigel's name,
Coz you're becoming such a pain,
Infact you're driving us all insane,
So concentrate on maintaining your own show,
& Stop dissing Nigel to make your ratings grow...

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