Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The end of an era

My pillow soaking wet from all the tears,
Tears that I've cried throughout the years,
Tears of pain & sorrow,
Coz I thought I could be predict tomorrow,
I had everything worked out,
Now I just wanna scream & shout,
Coz writing poetry's what I'm all about,
But nobody notices me,
Actually nobody that works in the industry,
I've sent quite a few of my poems through,
From newspapers to competitions too,
Even to a few radio stations,
I've even wrote them their very own creations,
But still they don't get back to me,
Am I so bad at writing poetry,
How long does it take to say thank u to a fan,
Now I can relate to Eminem's song "Stan,"
Coz there's many people who say my poems are great,
& That I should just be patient & wait,
But for how long,
Coz as this point I don't think I can carry on,
I know my faith should be strong,
But I feel GOD has forgotten about me,
It feels like I'm trapped in a stormy sea,
& There's no way to break free,
Some people say GOD will open a door,
But my heart feels broken & sore,
Sometimes I wonder what I'm living for,
Coz I've tried so hard to best that I can be,
& I've continued to write my poetry,
But now I've come to the end of my page,
& All I feel is anger & rage,
Coz my dreams never came true,
So there's only 1 thing left to do,
& That's put away my pen,
Only GOD knows till when,
So goodbye poetry my 1 & only friend,
ps. I'll alwayz keep your name,
As a reminder of my contributions to the poetry game...

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