Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lonely Me

Lately I've been feeling down & out,
Trying to figure out what my life's all about,
Sitting night & after night,
Clutching my pillow tight,
Crying by moonlight,
Just so that nobody can see my tears,
& It's been going on for years,
All I want is to find that perfect guy,
But instead I sit & wonder why,
Why I get all the unemployed guys asking my name,
& Their pick-up lines are so lame,
When am I gonna play this love game,
Now I know that I'm Blessed,
But I still feel depressed,
Coz every weekend it's the same for me,
Relaxing infront of the tv,
Now I love my family,
But they can't be there all the time,
I need to find a man to call mine,
He doesn't have to be fine,
All he has to do is love me for me,
Also have a J.O.B,
But then again love is blind as u can see,
Maybe it's meant that I shouldn't be falling,
Maybe being single is my calling,
That's why I'll rather just sit here all alone,
Watching tv & staying at home...

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