Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Heavy hearted I sit all alone,
Staring at my cellpone,
Waiting for it to ring,
But I don't hear anything,
The silence is getting to me,
As my mind starts wondering free,
Lonliness & pain,
Is the only emotions running through my brain,
I feel as if I'm going insane,
My tears have been falling like rain,
Everydrop sends another 1 coming,
I don't know how to stop it from running,
Nobody loves me,
Coz I'm damn ugly,
That's something I can commit to,
Coz everyone knows that it's true,
But what can I do,
Maybe the world would be better place,
If the world didn't have to see my ugly face,
As I look into my own eyes,
I start to realise,
That I need to be streetwise,
& Do what I have to,
To make it through,
& This is what I need to do,
As my body starts getting colder,
I realise my life is finally over,
My emotions will never get the best of me ever again,
& I'll never have to deal with any pain,
& Now no one has to hear me complain,
So don't bother crying,
Coz you're the reason I feel like dying,
So from now on just leave me the hell alone,
Coz it's time for me to head home...

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