Monday, April 11, 2011

My Addiction

My hands trembling as I ly awake,
Not knowing how much more I can take,
Coz my life's 1 big mistake,
Problems tend to follow me,
Looking for a way to break free,
With no money in my hand,
On the street corners is where I stand,
Up to my usual tricks,
Just so that I can get my daily fix,
My nose bleeding as I ly on the floor,
It's not as bad as the night before,
My body yearns for more,
Trying so hard to get high,
So I start giving different drugs a try,
Now I truly believe I can fly
Seeing things that I should not see,
Seeing my dead relatives talking to me,
But the moment doesn't last very long,
Coz I find myself singing the same old song,
Over & over again,
Trying to ease my pain,
While the drugs start affecting my brain,
I think that's what caused me to go insane,
Now here I am losing my mind,
Coz I need my fix just 1 last time,
But they won't let me go,
My speech is slow,
As my addiction starts to grow,
I'm so confused that I'm going in circles all the time,
Finding it so hard to write my rhyme,
But soon I'll be fine,
As soon as the itching goes away,
Maybe then I can go out to play,
Coz I need a fix real bad,
3 Days ago was the last time I had,
So plz help me with a rand or 2,
So that I can get through,
Plz people I'm begging u,
I need your help now more than ever,
Coz drugs & I will alwayz be together,
So don't even bother to waste your time on me,
Coz I was born to be a junkie...

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