Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Eternal Love

Lately I've been thinking about me & u,
& All the things we went through,
I was ready to give u my all,
When I got that call,
The call no one wants to hear,
I was in shock I couldn't believe what was being said in my ear,
Was the end so near,
I remember rushing to the hospital that night,
When I got there they refused to let me hold u tight,
It wasn't right,
Why did u have to walk into the light,
Why couldn't u just hold on,
U were alwayz so strong,
But it's too late coz now you're gone,
Emptiness fills the your side of the bed,
As thoughts of u run through my head,
Walking on the beach hand in hand,
Building sandcastles in the sand,
U were the only man I could understand,
& Who could understand me,
That's how I knew we were meant to be,
Your lips were so inviting,
Your love was so exciting,
I couldn't wait to get home to your great cooking,
Damn u were so good looking,
But now I take my time coming home,
Becoz I feel so alone,
Eventhough I have my family near
It's your voice I need to hear,
Just to re-assure me that everything's gonna be ok,
But till then I'll wait for that day,
I'll alwayz remember the last words u said,
U & I were still lying in bed,
"Whatever happened between u & I,
Promise me if I should die,
U won't fall to pieces & cry,
Coz I'll always be with u in spirit & in mind,
& I'll love u until the end of time,"
I remember asking u to stay,
But u had to leave for work that day,
Never did I think I'd lose u that way,
So as I face this world all on my own,
I still sometimes wait for u to come home,
But I know that will never be,
But your memory still lives inside of me forever & eternity...

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