Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I miss u

I'm lying here just thinking about u,
Thinking about the things we used to do,
Our first kiss on our second date,
I must be honest I just couldn't wait,
I think that was the kiss that made me fall,
After kissing we kissed I prepared to give u my all,
But we decided to take things slow,
The more time we spent together the more our love began to grow,
Every second of everyday,
How I missed u everytime u went away,
I remember how excited I was when u decided to stay,
It was exactly 6 months & a day,
The first night we spent together,
I thought that night would last forever,
It was so magical for me,
I knew from that moment we were meant to be,
But the universe didn't agree,
I'm still trying to remember why we fought that way,
All I remember is begging u to say,
But u just stormed out the door,
When I heard the news I fell to the floor,
I couldn't believe u weren't coming back anymore.
Why, why, why,
Why did the love of my life have to die,
Those are the words I alwayz cry,
Wondering what the answer might be,
I sit & try to watch tv,
But it's not easy to do,
When everything reminds me of u,
How will I make it through?

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