Saturday, March 26, 2011


I tried so hard to be your friend.
Then u go & hurt me yet again.
Tears on my pillow as I'm crying tonight.
Coz how you're treating me it just aint right.
You're pushing me away,
With words u don't say,
Why don't u just answer me?
& Plz don't tell me it's becoz you're busy,
Coz I know that aint true,
When there's lotsa people calling u,
Even on your facebook page you're still communicating,
Now trust me I'm not hating,
But I just wanna know why u keep me waiting?
I know I'm not a beauty queen,
Or making it big on the movie screen,
But u don't need to be so mean,
So what if I don't dress the part,
My feelings comes straight from my heart,
& Now you're tearing it in 2,
But I know I'll make it through
So for now I might be losing my mind,
But now I know you're not worth any of my time,
Coz it's too late for sorry now,
Go on step, just take a bow,
ps. Those tears you're crying,
I aint buying,
Coz those tears & fake so don't bother trying...

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