Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 1st time

I see the way u stop & stare,
As if I'm the only other person there,
U run your fingers through my hair,
Your lips speak to me without making a sound,
I'm flying but I'm still on the ground,
U move closer towards me,
My emotions start running free,
Gently u start kissing my lips,
U touch my face with your finger tips,
Slowly moving down,
U tickling me but I don't make a sound,
U start unzipping my dress,
My bossom u start to caress,
Going down below,
Now my energy starts to flow,
As I start to let go,
U suddenly stop,
Taking off your jeans & top,
I stare at u & u stare at me,
Damn I love what I see,
You're 1 fine brother,
Now lets go find each other,
We starting moving slow,
Up & down we go,
As our emotions start to grow,
We start going faster & faster,
U feel.like the master,
Now that we've over-come our fears,
We start moaning in each others ears,
It's nearly time for me,
1, 2, 3,
Now look what I see,
It's so hard to explain,
As we rest & wait to do it again,
We think about what we've just done,
I'm so glad that you were my first one...

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