Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plz Help Japan

It was like any other day,
The children went out to play,
The adults were on there way,
To do what they do everyday,
Little did they know that there was a tsunami on it's way,
Water flowing everywhere,
Drowing thousands that were there,
People running for cover,
Trying to save one another,
Some trying to move up high,
So that they won't die,
Trying so hard to make it through,
But for some there was nothing they could do,
Parents crying,
As they watch their children dying,
Kids trying to stay alive,
But their parents don't survive,
Trying to look for a positive outlook on life,
When u just lost your husband or wife,
Maybe u lost your family,
& Now you're wondering why not me,
At this point I'm not sure what to say,
But I know GOD will make a way,
U might not believe me now,
Might sit & wonder how,
Maybe u might be angry with Our MASTER,
For causing this disaster,
But I don't blame u,
I'd feel the same way too,
But for now I'll take it one step at a time,
Open my eyes & see the sign,
That GOD is trying to talk to u & me,
Trying to open our eyes so that we can see,
That the end of the world is near,
& That we should stop living in anger & fear,
We need to stand together as one,
Not only when the disasters come,
But everyday that we're left on this earth,
Enjoy every moment for what it's worth,
Coz divided we fall, united we stand,
So come on & take your brother / sister by the hand,
& Give them any kind of donation,
Coz together we can rebuild the Japanese nation,
So that there can be a future for our next generation...

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