Sunday, March 20, 2011

21st March - Sharpeville Day

The 21st March 1960,
Was a sad day in South African History,
Tired of carrying their pass wherever they go,
A group of protestors decided to say NO!
Standing up for what is right,
Not backing down without a fight,
Tired of being told where to go & what to do,
They decided to march on through,
The police presence started off with about 20,
As the crowd grew bigger they became plenty,
Men, women & children old & young,
Marching through while songs are being sung,
Shots being fired everywhere,
Whom they killed they just didn't care,
People screaming & crying,
Watching the protestors dying,
People being beat down,
As they try to pick up the bodies lying around,
Blood being shed,
As the violence began to spread,
Looks like there was no end in sight,
But our ancestors weren't prepared to backdown without a fight,
That's why it's important to celebrate your human right,
U shouldn't let people walk all over u,
Especially after all the pain & suffering our ancestors went through,
I know it's hard to forget the past,
Coz those memories will always last,
Hateful memories like "Ja baas, nee baas,"
Carrying around that pass,
The violence between black & white,
Fighting for our democratic right,
Coz that's the reason why we're here today,
To thank those who paved the way,
Those 69 people who sacrificed their lives,
Including men, women, children, husbands & wives,
We salute u in a moment of silence,
As we remember the Sharpeville violence,
Coz here we stand different races together,
The pass system gone forever,
So it doesn't matter the colour of your skin,
Coz this is where our future should begin,
A world that doesn't care about your race,
But that u have a smile on your face...

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