Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank GOD

This is a poem about me,
I never thought I'd make it in the poetry industry,
Always thought I'd be an accountant or mathematician,
But I'm happy with my decision,
I'm very happy with my religion,
Coz GOD has been good to me,
Blessing me tremendously,
I can't even name them 1 by 1,
Coz there's so many things that GOD has done,
He even sacrificed HIS SON,
So that we could be set free,
Coz HE'S the reason I'm in this industry,
Since I was 17 this has been my dream,
But no 1 listened or so it seemed,
I cried everynight,
For GOD to show me the light,
But still no breakthrough,
I wanted to give up coz I didn't what to do,
Until I heard the Pastor say,
GOD'S gonna Bless u 1 day,
Just remember it's in HIS time,
I always remembered that line,
It's constantly on my mind,
Now I'm here nearly 10 yrs later,
Giving thanx to my CREATOR,
GOD I owe it all to U,
Thank U for making my dream come true,
Coz this talent U've given me,
Is going to help in the Macedonian Evangelical Ministry,
I know the plans U have for me,
I'm just to blind to see,
So for now I'll take it 1 step at a time,
Coz everything happens in your time & not in mine,
I Love U LORD now & forever,
I'm Praying we'll alwayz be together...

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