Friday, March 11, 2011

I miss u

Sitting in my room just thinking about u,
Thinking about all the crazy things we used to do,
U taught me how to be me,
How to stand out in the family,
U alwayz told me not to be shy,
To give everything a try,
Or u might see your Blessings go by,
U know I'd give anything to see your face,
But I know u're in a better place,
I know I'll see u someday soon,
But for now I'll gaze upon the moon,
& look towards your star,
Becoz that's what u are,
You're the reason I never stopped writing my poetry,
I wonder if you're proud of me,
But that's something I'll never know,
Coz u had to go,
I think about u everyday,
Why did u have to go away,
Only GOD knows the reason why,
So as I start to cry,
I want u to know that I love & miss u so,
I should've let my feelings show,
But it's too late to turn back the hands of time,
U're alwayz in my heart & on my mind...

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