Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Family Abuse

The innocence wiped from her face,
As they invade her space,
Knowing she was in the wrong place,
But then again what was she to do,
She had no one to turn to,
Rejected by everyone at home,
Forced to struggle on her own,
Coz drugs messed up her mind,
We knew it was only a matter of time,
Before she was punished for her crime,
Stealing from her own family,
Turning her into the police wasn't easy,
Coz in a few hrs she'd be free,
Doing the same thing again,
& Now she feels the pain,
As her legs are completely lame,
The family looks for someone to blame,
Coz whatever she's done in the past,
This is the 1 memory that will alwayz last,
Being beat down,
Thrown to the ground,
She tries to scream but u don't hear a sound,
Feeling the pain all over again,
As she's being taken advantage by different men,
When will it ever end,
I really don't know,
But I'm hoping this trauma her grow,
Help her see the reality,
That drugs is not the key,
& Whatever happened we're still family,
I want u to know that I'm here for u,
I might not know the pain you're going through,
But we can help face the stormy weather,
& Maybe put our family back together,
Coz familes are meant to last forever...

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