Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Freedom Day

On the 27th April 1994,
We South Africans opened a door,
A door that we never thought we'd find,
& As we walked through we left our memories behind,
Memories of heartache & pain,
But we knew South Africa would never be the same,
People standing in ques 1 behind the other,
Forgetting about race & skin colour,
As people started to cast their vote,
They realised that they were all in the same boat,
Not sure who to vote for,
As they had never experienced an election before,
Thinking about what the new government had instore,
A few weeks later the votes came in,
& A new South Africa was about to begin,
As the ANC won the election campaign,
We knew our country would never be the same,
Now with Nelson Mandela as father of this nation,
We knew that we'd never have to live in race seperation,
That's why every year it's a celebration,
A celebration which is apart of our history,
27th April 1994 when South Africa became a democracy...

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