Monday, April 18, 2011

The end of my chapter

Screams coming from inside the house,
Quietly I lay like a mouse,
Tears rolling from my eyes,
Can anybody hear my silent cries?
The door slams closed as I hear him go,
What's happening in the room next door I don't really know,
As I open the door,
I see my mother lying on the bedroom floor,
It's not like I haven't seen that sight before,
I try to help her to her feet,
She looks helpless & weak,
Her face badly beaten making it hard for her to speak,
& Then she says "Everything's gonna be ok,"
I hear that line almost everyday,
I sometimes wish he'd just go away,
But she alwayz begs him to stay,
It's not fair,
Are u telling me that's a way to show u care?
I might be young but I'm not naive,
There's certain things I won't believe,
Like my mom saying it's so hard to leave,
& That he's gonna change,
When's that when there's nothing left on my mom's face to re-arrange,
Anger builds up inside of me,
My siblings are too young to see the reality,
I feel I need to protect my family,
Waiting for him to come home,
I sit & wait up all alone,
Suddenly I hear his car in the drive-way,
So nervous about what I'm gonna do today,
As he tries to beat my mother yet again,
I start to become insane,
Watching & hearing her pain,
Beating her without any rest,
I take the knife & stab him in the chest,
Dead he lies on the floor,
He won't be able to hurt my mother anymore,
Well as for me,
It's only 5 yrs till I can leave juvie,
& I'm not sorry for what I've done,
Infact I'm hoping my story would inspire people in years to come..

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