Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Celebrity's Poem

A celebrity's just an ordinary person like u & me,
Except they're well-known becoz of their industry,
They try so hard to stay in the game,
U think becoz everyone knows their name,
They won't get the blame,
Celebs also go through heart-ache & pain,
Some just hide it so well,
That u won't be able to tell,
Like I said they're just like u & me,
Except with more money,
But they also have problems in their family,
It's just that they don't want people to see,
But when the fans do,
Then rumours spread which sometimes aint true,
So take it from me,
If you're a fan of a certain celebrity,
Even if they get publicity,
Be it good or bad,
Alwayz remember them for the good times they had,
Coz we all make mistakes,
But when celebs do they raise the steaks,
They also cry at night,
Some also end up holding their pillows tight,
& Celebs aren't alwayz right,
So rather let them be,
Coz a friend once said to me,
"I might be a public figure but I'm NOT public property,"
Which really change my mind,
& To me that was a sign,
That celebs are sometimes used & abused,
& That's why some people think some of the celebs are confused,
But I've learnt everyone has issues,
& U should respect their views,
Coz u don't know their pressure unless u walked in their shoes,
So to Genevieve Howard who said that line,
I wanna thank u for changing my mind,
May your star continue to shine...

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