Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm doing just fine

The hardest thing was letting u go,
Coz I still love u so,
I really thought our love could grow,
I guess I was wrong,
That's why I'm singing this song,
"I'm doing just fine,"
I'm glad I left u behind,
Coz I'm better than I've ever been,
I'm living out my dream,
All this time I thought u cared,
Do u even remember the moments we shared,
U know what forget I said,
I don't want u messing with my head,
I've cried enough over u,
So keep doing what u do,
Coz u & I are thru,
I don't ever wanna see your face,
So plz give me my space,
ps. I know I've said this before,
But this time I'm sure,
Besides I saw u already replaced me with somebody new,
So everything of the best to u 2,
I've got my pride & honour,
In the words of Madonna,
Coz "She's not me,
& She never will be..."

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