Monday, June 27, 2011

My Celebrity Pain

Everyone has a celebrity that they look up to,
& My celebrity was u,
I tried my best to make u notice me,
I wrote u poetry,
Gave u free publicity,
& What did u go & do,
I still can't believe it's true,
The worse part is I looked up to u,
All I ever wanted was a simply reply,
Even if u just said hi,
Maybe answer a fanmail or 2,
Is that so hard to do,
Sum fans can't wait,
Don't tell me u have alot on your plate,
So plz answer them before it's too late,
Coz we're the reason behind your fame,
Just imagine no 1 knew your name,
You'd just be another player in the game,
Or no 1 bought your cd,
You'd be a nobody,
Just imagine no 1 watched your show,
Or bothered to turn on their radio,
Your fanbase wouldn't grow,
& Your boss would tell u to go,
& What would u being doing right now if it wasn't for the fortune & fame,
Just a normal person struggling in life's game,
Some would probably 6 feet underground,
From the violence & drugs going around,
Sometimes fame doesn't alwayz last long,
Always remember where u came from,
Don't forget about the people who cried with u,
When people in the industry hurt u,
The emotions u went thru,
They feel it too,
Especially the kids who wanna be just like u,
Try to help them where u can,
Coz sumtimes they might not understand,
& U might lose that fan,
Sumtimes u might wonder why our kids stop believing,
Maybe u should answer some of your fanmail you're receiving,
I know sometimes it's alot to get thru,
But how hard can it be to answer 1 or 2,
Remember they're the reason everyone knows u,
So if you're famous in whatever industry,
& U consider yourself to be a celebrity,
Then I urge u to hear my plea,
Alwayz thank your fans when u can,
If u see them take their hand,
Coz it's sad when u lose a fan,
Just ask Eminem who's "Stan..."

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