Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jamali's Poem

In 2003,
This group came to be,
Entering a competition that they never won,
But they didn't care coz they had fun,
That was all they needed to follow their dreams,
Now they're popping up on our tv screens,
Singing songs from days gone by,
Writing songs that make us cry,
Now the new album in off the chain,
It's no wonder they're still in the game,
Coz they've been around for the longest time,
& I know they're gonna continue to shine,
Coz the other "Girl-bands" can't compare,
Infact they're not even there,
So plz put your hands in the air,
For these amazing 3,
Coz they're Proudly Mzanzi,
Yes I'm talking about Jamali,
The hottest group in the industry,
So ladies keep doing what u do,
& Remember SA salutes u..

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