Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Year Anniversary of 9/11

10 years ago today,
The biggest tragedy hit the USA,
2 planes crashed into the World Trade Centre,
Killing thousands who entered,
Fathers & Mothers,
Sisters & Brothers,
Daughters & Sons,
& Other loved ones,
Bodies laying everywhere,
Osama Bin Laden just didn't care,
For days they searched for people still alive,
Hoping that everyone would survive,
Less than 3000 people died that day,
What a tragedy for the USA,
Over & over they played the crashes on our tv screens,
It was like we all were having the same terrible dreams,
Eventhough it happened overseas,
It affected many countries,
Nations standing together,
Trying to rebuild a memory that would last forever,
That is why we salute the brave men & women who risked their lives,
To find those still alive,
Even to those who helped by donating money, time & saying a Prayer,
U might not of been there,
But it shows how much u really care,
Then to the people who survived this tragedy,
We know it wasn't easy,
But u managed to make it through,
& For that we salute u,
So as I start to cry,
I remember those who had to die,
Those we never got a chance to say goodbye to,
We'll alwayz remember u,
& To the families & friends u left behind,
They'll alwayz be in our hearts & on our minds,
We love & miss u,
& We salute u too,
I know you're watching down on us from heaven,
As we remember the 10 year anniversary of 9/11,
GOD Bless u USA,
As the world remembers what happened today...

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