Thursday, September 22, 2011

Congrats Springboks

Excitement echoed as another try was scored,
87 - 0 was the final result on the scoreboard,
People screaming & cheering,
& Congratulations bokke was what we were hearing,
As our hopes & dreams were kept alive,
As Namibia struggled to survive,
There was no doubt in our minds what our boys can do,
That's why we're so proud of u,
Backing u all the way,
Coz the Springboks are here to stay,
The other countries better watch what they say,
Coz our boys know how to play,
& 2011 is our year,
So come on South Africa lets scream & cheer,
& Wear our supporters gear,
& Show our support,
For this great sport,
This sport that unites our nation,
As we join in the celebration.
That the Springboks will be crowned the best of best,
As they'll triumph over the rest,
Springboks we're behind u everystep of the way,
Now lets bring the trophy home to SA!!!

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