Monday, August 19, 2013

Edcon RCO Cape Town Retrenchments

Edcon's always been considered as 1 of the best,
But lately it seems they're failing the test,
And RCO Cape Town's being affected more than the rest,
Now there's nothing wrong with the company name,
Its the executives who are to blame,
For a long time we've suspected something was going on,
But they kept saying nothing was wrong,
We should've seen it coming when Steve Ross stepped down,
Like fools we stuck around,
Thinking everything would be just fine,
But it got worst over time,
I remember those 2 days when we had no power,
The Perms forced to sit outside for all those hours,
Ppt's were sent home,
But the hours had to be worked back on their own,
Our complaints were sent through,
But the executives said there was nothing they could do,
Problems after problems came our way,
But there was nothing we could do or say,
Our complaints fell on deaf ears,
And now after working at Edcon for many years,
We hear its time to say cheers,
Some of our hearts are broken in 2,
Because we don't know what to do,
Our families depending on our income,
Student loans & debts for some,
Work is already so scarce out there,
But it seems the Executives of Edcon don't care,
Why else are there rumors about retrenchment in the air?
Please consider the staff when making this decision,
I'm sure u can make some other type of provision...

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