Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goodbye Edcon

It pains me to see what's been happening in this company,
Especially at RCO Cpt,
That was like a 2nd home to me,
But now I don't feel that way anymore,
My salary was the only thing I was working for,
But now that I've decided to walk out the door,
I wonder if its the right decision I'm making,
Its such a big risk that I'm taking,
But now I realize that I've made the right choice,
At Edcon it was hard to have a voice,
Managers targetting u if u do,
I know some of u think that's not true,
But I've kept quiet for far too long,
And don't get me wrong,
There's nothing wrong with the company name,
Its Senior Management who are to blame,
Eversince Steve Ross left things at Edcon haven't been the same,
And they say change is for the best,
But I feel like we're failing the test,
And it just makes us more & more stressed,
Also the PIPPL values Edcon's starting to lose,
And the LIPP values is what they've decided to choose,
Coz the People's value is gone,
And that's the value that made Edcon strong,
And that's 1 of the reasons I decided to move on,
That's also why some of my ex-colleagues/friendz have gone away,
If only there was away we could make them stay,
But its too late,
And at Edcon that's an ongoing debate,
Even absentism is another big issue on their plate,
But there's reason my colleagues staying away,
If only things could be like back in the day,
When our customers felt welcome when they entered an Edcon store,
When there were staff on the floor,
When customers where helped at the till in 4 minutes or less,
When the staff was rewarded for doing their best,
Those days when colleagues became family,
A memory that will always stay with me,
But now I don't know anymore,
I hate shopping at an Edcon store,
Clothes laying on the floor,
2 cashiers with a que of 10 customers or more,
The bosses are complaining the sales are low,
Maybe they should let the staff levels at store grow,
Instead of retrenchments & allowing good staff to go,
Becoz I've worked at Edcon for 10 years,
I've shared in laughter & in tears,
Good times & bad,
I'll always remember the times that we had,
But now that my journey has come to an end,
And I have to say goodbye to u my colleague & friend,
I just wanna leave with 1 suggestion if I may,
Maybe the bosses should change places with the staff for a day,
Maybe then they'd see things from our point of view,
Maybe then they'll think twice before making us do things we don't wanna do,
But that's now enough from me,
Goodbye Edcon from Nicky Da Poet Bailey...

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